MRAs live in a fantasy world … where they are oppressed by pink plastic ponies

MRAs have to go to great lengths to find examples of ‘misandry’, since ‘misandry’ does not exist on any institutional or cultural level. Individual women (and men) may well hate men as a group, and if they do, they probably have very good reasons for that hatred, but that does not prove that there is any ‘anti-male’ bias in society.

Well, one MRA thinks he’s found an example of ‘misandry’ … in a cartoon aimed at little girls!

MLP FiM_Feminist

So, what is wrong with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Misandry. […] Males are being underrepresented, there are no male lead characters in this show. […] Spike is a baby dragon, not a pony, plus he has a minor role in the show, thus he cannot be considered as a main lead. […] Big Macintosh is another secondary male character in the show. He is shown as a shy young stallion who lives in a matriarchal family and can barely talk. See? Males are reduced to silence in My Little Pony. […] Shining Armor [sic] is only there so that Princess Cadence can have a background story. Equestria is a matriarchal society. Every single leader in Equestria is female and every male who tries to get power is a villain. […] Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are both semi-goddesses queens, they have no know [sic] close relative and are immortal. […] Princess Cadence is shown to be the nice queen whereas King Sombra, a male, is a villain. […] The Ponyville Mayor is a female as well, males have been shown in Ponyville but do not seem to occupy any important job. […] Spitfire is the leader of the Wonderbolt Academy even though they could have chosen any of the males for once. […] The Apple family seems to follow the same rules. Granny Smith and Applejack are both heads of the family. Big Macintosh never has a word to say in that. […] Big sisters are shown as more important that fathers (Rarity & Sweetie Belle) and brothers (Applejack & Apple Bloom).

Yep, that’s right, the existence of one tv show aimed at little girls, where there are more female characters than male, which shows that women can be any type of person, not just a side-kick or Smurfette, where almost every episode passes the Bechdel Test with flying colours, that shows problems can be solved through kindness and intelligence rather than violence, is ‘proof’ of ‘misandry’.

This is what male supremacism looks like, a man raging against the fact that little girls get a cartoon that might actually make them feel good about themselves; under male supremacist ‘thought’, every time a woman or girl gets some crumb, that means men are loosing out, and that’s ‘misandry’!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep on saying it over and over again, there is no anti-male bias in society. Lots of men are powerless, lots of men are oppressed, but no man is oppressed solely for being male.

Society is male dominated, all institutions with any power or influence are male dominated – government, business, banking, the military, the press, academia, medicine, science, the arts – and women have to become male-centric in their thinking if they want to be admitted (Margaret Thatcher and Condoleezza Rice are two very good examples here).

The ‘Men’s Rights’ movement is fooling men into thinking that their problems stem from ‘misandry’, rather than other factors such as class. It’s similar to how poor whites in the American Deep South were persuaded to vote against their class interests in favour of the (mis)belief that poor African Americans were the source of their problems; any structural analysis would have told them that they had more in common with the poor African Americans than the rich whites, but racism was easier, and, now, for disadvantaged men, misogyny and male supremacy are easier than class analysis.



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  1. Another male ‘getting his knickers in a twist’ over the fact malestream media allows one small children’s programme to be focused on girls not – shock, horror – boys!

    Males oppressed? Actually it is males who oppress other males but we mustn’t say that because that’s sexist according to that little known group named Men’s Rights.

    Misandry what misandry? Doesn’t exist never has never will but that has never prevented men from creating language which supposedly proves men’s lies are truths.

  2. SMURFETTE!!! Yes, from your first few lines, I remembered the smurfs–which my kids watched avidly once upon a time. I wouldn’t watch that one with them (2 girls, one boy back then), when some cuddles in front of tv was expected. NO, I’m not watching that awful show with you guys. Why? Because there are all those boys and only one girl. Because the one parent is a male…where is their mother, how did papa smurf have all those kids? Because all the boys get to be something worthwhile–smart, funny, skilled–but the girl gets to be only a girl! What, you kids think that girls can only do girl, and nothing else?

    Mr MRA can go watch Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to soothe himself with the presence of Important Males. Or just about anything else available on tv or in film.

  3. “Society is male dominated, all institutions with any power or influence are male dominated – government, business, banking, the military, the press, academia, medicine, science, the arts – and women have to become male-centric in their thinking if they want to be admitted (Margaret Thatcher and Condoleezza Rice are two very good examples here).”

    And yet…they will STILL try to say, “Oh yeah, bitch, you think men aren’t superior? LOOK AT WHO BUILT SOCIETY!! LOOK AT WHO INVENTED EVERYTHING!”

    Well, if that’s true, then isn’t that proof that there is no misandry? If women are such evil oppressors, but men still -scoff- manage to “invent everything and build society for us and dominate all pertinent businesses and politics,” doesn’t that show you something?

    …but somehow, women can never win. The fact that there are a handful of female politicians and business women means we’re stealing the money and power that is owed to them somehow…it doesn’t motivate them to DO something about their own misery. It doesn’t motivate them to go, “Dang, if I’m not in the place in life I wanna be, I need to step up.” Nope, it’s women’s fault for oppressing them.

    THEN, when you point out how ridiculous it is and that every human is responsible for their own happiness, even in the face of adversity, they’ll think they’re pointing out some hypocritical irony by saying, “Oh, you mean like how feminists blame the patriarchy?!”

    They’re so thick they can’t even see the difference between doing the best you can for yourself despite difficulties and pointing out that there could be difficulties.

    One of my favorite ironies is when you point out all the “achievements” that they use as proof of male supremacy are largely the achievements of white men….but you somehow don’t hear them claiming WHITE men are supreme…because they know if they did, they’d get their asses both beaten and laughed right out of society because society has long since said NO to blatant racism. Oddly, somehow as long as it’s against women, it’s “free speech” so you “can’t complain.”

    My favorite thing to say to idiots who ejaculate this rancid spooge all over the world is, “Sure, maybe men built society, maybe men invented most of the things out there, but who chose not to abort those men? In fact, who chose not to abort you so you could go around spreading this drivel all over the internet (notice, INTERNET…none of them would DARE say any of this in public)? Well, whoever she is, she obviously made a mistake but in any case, does she know you’re talking like this? Do you think she’d appreciate this kind of slander against her own kind occurring in her own basement?”

    The most unfortunate thing of it all is that this overuse of misogyny disguised as “men’s rights” only focuses on what “women have taken away” not what men take away from each other. It doesn’t focus on the amount of rape and domestic violence men inflict upon each other. It doesn’t focus on the bullying endured by feminine men. It doesn’t focus on the court system’s preference towards mothers in child custody, usually perpetrated by male judges.

    Instead, they focus on “false rape accusations” which may not be false, but just weren’t proven in court….which isn’t hard to imagine since 60% of rapes go unreported, of the ones that are reported a slim minority are actually taken to court. Of those taken to court, only 20% are convicted….not because they didn’t happen, but because it is very difficult to distinguish involuntary rape from voluntary rough sex. Of course, they’ll say it’s proof that women are liars and that the majority of rape and domestic violence cases are just jealous bitches who want to control and punish men.

    They’re also “proof” that the courts and the police are at the behest of the gynocracy. Of course, I would think if there were an oppressive gynocracy with a loaded gun at the head of every cop and judge, that more rape convictions would occur…but somehow logic escape these people.

    The truth behind it all, behind every last “men’s rights” claim, behind every insinuation of “female entitlement,” is one simple thing: Male entitlement. Men think they are entitled to women. Men think they are entitled to sex….and not just any woman or any sex. GOOD sex with YOUNG, ATTRACTIVE women….no matter how frumpy or creepy the guy is. When they don’t get that, the sex they believe the attractive women of the world owe them, when women say no to them, women are “oppressing them.”

    And what angers them more than anything is when an attractive guy with game, who puts effort into his health and how he looks, and learns how to treat a woman, even if it’s only for a night and thus gets sex from an attractive, young woman, it’s a slap in the face to the angry, lonely and usually fat, ugly masses out there. How dare she give MY sex that she OWES ME away to HIM?! I deserve that sex! It’s MINE! She doesn’t have the right to give it to him! What a cunt!

    And BTW, when you point out the real truth, they’ll try to say, “Oh, you mean we shouldn’t be taken seriously?! Like how people told feminists they shouldn’t be taken seriously? What would happen if you said feminists were all just fat, ugly, and lonely.”

    Well…I dunno, you say that all the time, what happens to you?

    The irony about women “giving away” sex to someone they think it isn’t owed to, is that they will use this attraction to “alpha males” as “evidence” that women are stupid, vapid, shallow and worthless. Of course, they don’t let WOMEN get away with the evo-psych excuse. They don’t let WOMEN say, “Well, according to my evolutionary psychology, I want to make babies with the biggest, strongest, hottest guy out there so that he can protect me from predators and ensure that I will have strong babies.” Nope, we’re just cunts for following our “evo-psych.”

    However when it comes to MEN lusting after young, attractive women (even to the point of pedophilia), that they believe owe them sex, then, “You can’t blame us or tell us to stop. It’s in our evolutionary psychology to want to mate with young, fertile, healthy women. We’re wired that way. Not to do it is an insult to millions of years of evolution that created us!”

    So is living in your mom’s basement flicking Frito crumbs out of your keyboard so you can spread hateful bullshit about theoretical people to theoretical people on a theoretical forum….but nobody’s complaining about that.

    I could go on and on about this forever…..but I think I’ve made my point.

  4. Chocolattruffaut

    Those were excellent points, KT! On a similar note, this is why I’ve grown to dislike the blog Womanist Musings. Renee uses the tag “misandry” as if it is a concept that actually exists, and without a hint of irony. She also wrote a post on how radical feminists are misandrist because they “hate men,” and we’re so mean when we don’t include them in every single thing we do. She also tries to justify her points by claiming all radical feminists must be white because they disagree with her, but that’s a different topic for a different day.
    I have no sympathy for men who feel entitled to have a woman’s body (not just any body, a “hot” body) and her undivided attention based on some bullshit evolutionary psychology. This is why female only spaces are important.

  5. Hello KT, and thank you for your comment, but there are a couple of points that you have made that I need to take issue with.

    It doesn’t focus on the court system’s preference towards mothers in child custody, usually perpetrated by male judges.

    The idea that courts are biased against fathers is a male supremacist myth. Try reading this extract from Phyllis Chesler’s Mothers on Trial, as she clearly demonstrates how the court system, in North America at least, is clearly biased in men’s favour. It’s a long extract, but definitely worth reading in full, and yes, it’s from Fox News, this must be the one thing on their website that allows them to claim to be ‘fair and balanced’ – I am certainly not endorsing anything else published by them!

    … it is very difficult to distinguish involuntary rape from voluntary rough sex

    Not all rape has to involve physical violence, there are other forms of coercion; and all rape ‘looks like’ someone having sex with someone else without that person giving meaningful consent. Saying it is indistinguishable from ‘rough sex’ comes dangerously close to the type of ‘regret’ rape myths that are still so powerful.

    Please don’t feel put off from commenting here again, if I didn’t like the bulk of what you were saying, I could just have deleted your comment instead.

    Kind regards,

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