QotD, via the Scottish Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation

I am involved in prostitution in Scotland. I dont call myself a sex worker and i dont call myself a prostitute. I am a woman and a mother who has to do this to keep our family going. I used to have another job but lost it through ill health. I have had to do this for 4 years now. prostitution was all i felt that was left to me.

I want this to be kept anonymous. I am worried my name and details could be used against me by punters, pimps, managers and supporters of prostitution in Scotland. Some of them know me and if they knew that i was putting in this response, I would hate to see what might happen to myself and my kids. I smile and say to everyone that knows i do this that it is ok, that its just another job and its not so bad. A pack of lies and I hate saying it. why do i – well, you’re not too popular in this game if you go around with a sour face and moaning. Anyhow – who in this game really wants to admit what it is doing to them?

I work 4 shifts a week and usually see around 3 or 4 punters a shift. I have no respect for these men who have spare cash and use it to buy me and the other women. we are bought – make no mistake about them just buying a service off us. They buy us and whatever they want to do to us for that money. Some women think they are just selling a service. they’re not. The punters dont think that, they think they have bought ME! They know that they have bought me and my consent. I didnt realise it could be sold until i started this.

The idea that punters have respect for working girls is a laugh. The way they weigh us up, pick us for whatever turns them on, make us line up and have to act like we want them to have sex with us. Its a joke. Its worse than a joke actually – its a complete market place. How does this make men look at women in a good way? We are just like another item on an Amazon wish list to be ticked off when they have had sex with us. Paid for sex that is. These men do not respect or even like us all that much but we have to act like they are the most sexy and attractive men ever. All because they have money and we dont. I have been attacked 5 times through this. I am lucky. Some say it is just part of the job. The job doesnt rape women – the punters do.

some people say it has to continue so a men can have sex. why – what will happen to them if they dont? Their head and genitals will not explode and anyone who uses this reason as to why prostitution has to exist seems to believe in the myths that teen boys use to put pressure on their girlfriends to have sex. No-one will die if they do not get sex and dont get all the kinds of sex they want. These men think they can get us to do all the stuff their wives and girlfriends wont do. No wonder – i wouldnt do them if i wasnt getting paid either. This is about money and nothing else. i havent seen any woman who does this just because she loves the sex. maybe there are some but i havent met them. I hear these other women on the radio and on TV doing interviews and saying how great it all is. I think – who are you?? I have never seen you around any of the places i have been in and yet you talk away as if what goes on with you in escorting is what it is like for the rest of us. The women i know wont be getting rich on what they get paid after we pay our dues, we will just be getting by, blanking out what it happening and not trying too hard to think what the future is. All the women i know want out. If it was so bloody great – why is that? Its cause we know deep down what this is doing to us but cant admit it. Thats too painful.

I want the men to be criminalised. It is about time they were. I hear the other women and their stories. We are all doing this to get by. I have yet to meet a woman who loves doing this. There may be some out there but i have not come across them. I have met women though who will do anything to keep a home for them and their kids but why should it have to be this?


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  1. ‘Why should it have to be this?’ Answer because men continue to believe they will spontaneously combust if they are denied their pseudo male right of sexual access to female bodies. Because men are the ones who continue to oppress women and men are the ones ensuring prostitution is not eliminated and it is men who are the ones continuing to oppose criminalisation of those innumerable male sexual predators who are purchasing women and girls in order to use them as mens’ disposable sexual service stations.

    Men are the ones continuing to cling tightly on to political/socio-economic power and because it is men who are the ones making laws to protect men, this is why male buyers of women’s bodies are not being criminalised. Promotion of racial hatred; promotion of homophobia is a crime but that is because non-white men are subjected to white men’s hatred and homosexual males are subjected to heterosexual male hatred. However, prostitution is all about men’s pseudo sex right to female bodies and because males are not the ones routinely being bought by sexually avaricious males there is no issue, because pseudo male sex right to female bodies is sacrosanct.

    Men are the ones continuing to ensure women earn far less than an average man and it is still women who are the predominantly responsible for raising children which men claim are male property.’ Given poverty increasingly affects women with children not men this means many women have no choice because they know if they don’t become men’s disposable sexual service stations, they and their children will starve. The state has no interest in assisting or enabling women to earn an income which lifts them out of poverty. Current government and previous ones have/are all promoting the lie that everyone is an individual and poverty is an individual’s responsibility (read women’s) and hence women can if they wish (sic) earn an income which will lift them out of poverty. Prostitution is ‘just sex work’ now and magically women are supposedly ‘choosing’ to enter prostitution because women have innumerable choices all of equal value and worth. Poverty has been eliminated and women who claim they are poor are just ‘scroungers’ according to our wonderful women-hating current male controlled/male dominated government.

    Yet men claim mankind (sic – because only men are human whereas women don’t exist apart from serving men in whatever capacity men demand) is more civilised now. Male oppression of women has been eradicated and women now have right to become ‘mens’ disposable sexual service stations!’ This is a male lie because reality is women’s lives are far worse than they were a century ago.

    A century ago feminists were actively challenging pseudo male sex right to female bodies, but now the endless refrain from the pornstitution industry which was created by men for men’s benefit; is that women and girls who are being bought by innumerable/interchangeable males is ‘sex work’ not centuries old male sexual violence/male sexual exploitation of women and girls because their sex is female not male.

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