What About the Johns?

There is another case of child grooming and sexual exploitation in the courts at the moment, similar to the Rochdale case, this time in Oxford.

What this report makes very clear, is that the girls were being groomed for prostitution; in which case, what about the johns?

These johns were men who were happy to travel long distances, ‘by appointment’ to pay to rape young girls, so are they being looked for by the police?

These johns were happy to pay to rape girls as young as eleven, girls who would have been covered with bruises and cuts and burns, girls who were given “so many drugs they were barely aware of what was going on”.

But, according to sex industry advocates, we are supposed to believe, that if the prostitution industry was decriminalised, then these very same johns would help police the industry and prevent child exploitation.

These johns are not just one or two men (it wouldn’t be profitable otherwise), they are numerous, they are otherwise ‘normal’ men, some will have wives and daughters, some will be ‘upstanding’ members of their communities, most won’t fit into the new, acceptable ‘Asian gang’ stereotype of a child abuser.

Prostitution exists because of demand, and because of male entitlement, and these things are not race-specific.

Vulnerable girls as young as 11 were groomed, subjected to acts of “extreme depravity” and trafficked around the UK for sex by a gang of men based in Oxford, a court has heard .

Over a period of eight years the nine men made the girls’ lives a “living hell”, subjecting them to extreme physical and sexual violence, selling some victims for prostitution in Oxford and trafficking others around the country, an Old Bailey jury was told.

It took more than half an hour to read out the 51 counts against the men, who sat impassively in the dock, accused of crimes including rape, forcing a child into prostitution and trafficking.

The jury of seven men and five women heard that from 2004 to early 2012 six complainants were plied with drugs and drink, and raped, sometimes by several men and sometimes “for days on end”.

The men targeted children in care or from chaotic backgrounds, the jury heard. Once groomed, the girls could then be used to recruit other children into the sex ring. Some of the girls, ranging in age from 11 to 15, were groomed to be child prostitutes, for which some men in the gang received payments.


The nine face 19 counts of rape, seven of them with a child aged under 13. Other counts include arranging or facilitating child prostitution, trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation and using an instrument to procure a miscarriage.

Noel Lucas QC, prosecuting said: “The depravity of what was done to the complainants was extreme.”

He told the jury that they would have to steel themselves to hear the evidence. “The facts in this case will make you feel uncomfortable. Much of what the girls were forced to endure was perverted in the extreme.”

The children were taken to guest houses and empty houses, thought to be kept for the abuse, and prevented from escaping.

They were subjected to “humiliating and degrading conduct”, including biting, suffocation, burning and scratching. Weapons, including knives, baseball bats, knives and meat cleavers were used during the torture, the court heard.

The jury was told that sometimes men had urinated on the girls, who were raped vaginally, orally and anally.

The children were groomed in a variety of ways, given gifts or “simply shown the care and attention they very much craved”, said Lucas.

“The attention lavished on the girls at the outset was of course entirely insincere, as it was merely a device, you may conclude once you hear the evidence, to exploit their vulnerability,” he said.

He said the girls were also given “so many drugs they were barely aware of what was going on – indeed they say it was the only way they could cope with what was going on”.

The men gave the girls cannabis, cocaine, crack and sometimes heroin.

“The girls became addicted to certain of the drugs and felt unable to live without them. This made them even more dependent on the men,” he said.

The men, who were arrested by Thames Valley police as part of Operation Bullfinch, controlled the girls in their power entirely.

They were threatened “that should they ever seek to free themselves from the grasp of the group they and their families would suffer serious harm”.

The men targeted girls who were unlikely to be believed and whose behaviour would be seen as delinquent, said Lucas. It was, according to one of the girls “a living hell” from which there was no escape.

The gang took some of the girls to empty houses where other men from as far away as Bradford, Leeds, London and Slough, would “come by appointment” to pay to have sex with them, Lucas said.

On other occasions girls were ferried to London and Bournemouth.

Full article here

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  1. Just wanted to link you to this article on Feminist Current by Samantha Berg called “New research shows violence decreases under Nordic model: Why the radio silence?”.


    Her article and analysis of the report “Dangerous Liaisons:
    A report on the violence women in prostitution in Oslo are exposed to” (By Ulla Bjørndahl Oslo, 2012) does a pretty good job of debunking the idea that criminalising the johns and pimps does not protect the women in prostitution.

  2. Some malestream media BBC included continues to refer to the alleged sexual crimes these men committed as ‘sex with girl(s)’; ‘males demanded sex from girl/girls.’ Malestream media constantly euphemises/hides what male sexual predators subject women/girls to and no it is not ‘a male/males having sex’ but ‘male/males raping a woman/girl.’

    Furthermore females under the age of 16 cannot be termed ‘prostitutes’ because there are no ‘child prostitutes’ but there are innumerable girls under the age of 16 Johns are purchasing in order to subject them to rape. But pornstitution industry conveniently ignores this because ‘prostitution is just work which is why men are overjoyed at working as prostituted males! Sarcasm deliberate because prostitution only exists because men continue to enact their pseudo male right of sexual access to females 24/7.

    Correct these males are normal ‘respectable’ men who are merely enacting their male sex right to female bodies and these males were unlucky in that they were arrested by police. Many other Johns continue to sexually prey on under age girls with impunity. Not forgetting deceased male sexual predator Savile was also a John.

  3. Thanks for the link MLM, I’ll check it out.

  4. I’m in Canada. There was an article in Embassy last week on human trafficking, here is an excerpt (link: http://www.embassynews.ca/news/2013/01/15/%E2%80%98you-do-it-or-you-die%E2%80%99/43101):

    ‘An online book—a self-proclaimed “step-by-step pimp manual”—details how to condition a girl to become both a sex slave and a bullied business venture.
    In 88 pages, the book explains how to manipulate an average girl into a robot who obeys every command, in an industry where a single girl earns her trafficker about $280,000 a year, according to the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada.
    “As a Pimp it’s your job to make, market, and sell your Ho,” it says in the introduction.
    According to the author, the controller needs to consistently force the victim to do things beyond her comfort zone. She could start with tying the controller’s shoelaces, transition to sexual favours, with the exploiter moving to “teach her that as a woman, she must walk 2 steps behind you.”
    The author states: “she won’t tell anyone because she’ll be too embarrassed.”
    The book suggests building emotional connections with the victim, and then partnering these intimate feelings with verbal and physical abuse to achieve submission.
    “She was raised with values, now you must break those values and show her those values are stupid.”’

    The articles goes on relating the stories of women who were victims of such grooming. One prostituted woman testified:

    ‘She said she was easily brainwashed, at 12, when they told her it was “no big deal.” They would ply her with compliments. “They made me feel beautiful,” she said. (…)
    It didn’t take long for the beatings and raping to begin, she said.
    But the assaults didn’t feel wrong to her, she explained, because “I felt like I was nothing.” Her body no longer felt as though it was hers to give away, she explained.’

    The article does not address men’s demand for sexual access to girls’ bodies which is at the root of such exploitation. As usual, this part of the equation is not to be questioned.

  5. It is better that prostitution is legal only among adult and consentient people.

  6. Hey, shit-for-brains, prostitution itself is already legal in the UK (just most of the things around it like ‘soliciting’, curb crawling and pimping aren’t) – and that isn’t doing anything to stop this kind of abuse, because there is no clear, neat, tidy distinction between the johns who pay to rape women, and the johns who pay to rape girls.

    The sex industry being licensed or decriminalised won’t stop abuse, because prostitution is abuse, even when it’s in a licensed brothel with a union card in your handbag.

    What kinds of women do you think actually end up ‘choosing’ and ‘consenting’ to be prostitutes in the first place? How meaningful is ‘consent’ when the alternative is homelessness and starvation? How meaningful a ‘choice’ is it for an adult woman when she started out as a groomed, abused, exploited, child (which is the case for the vast majority of adult women involved in street-level prostitution)?

  7. @ Francostars – here’s a link for you.


    If you can’t be bothered to follow the link, I’ll quote you just a little bit here:

    “A former Dublin prostitute speaks about her seven years working in the Irish sex trade and argues against the idea that legalisation can make the work any safer

    FOLLOWING the latest revelations about Ireland’s booming prostitution rackets, a former Dublin prostitute has written a stark account of her seven year ordeal in the industry which began when she was just 15.

    At that young age, circumstances no child should ever experience forced her to sell her body to elderly men, who would openly be aroused by abusing a child. Before she managed to extricate herself from a life in which she says she was “raped for a living”, she admits she even contemplated suicide…

    “The nation is finally beginning to take a look at the intrinsic harm of prostitution. I welcome this because it is a harm I have understood since I was a 15-year-old prostitute, being used by up to 10 men a day. The one thing that linked those men together, besides their urges to pay to abuse my young body, was that they all knew just how young I was. They all knew because I told them, and I told them because it had the near-universal effect of causing them to become very aroused.

    “When a man is very aroused in street prostitution that is a good thing, because it means he’ll climax quickly and the whole ordeal will be over fairly fast. I learned that on my very first day while sitting in the car of an elderly man who repeated over and over the thing that was causing him such sexual joy: ‘Oh, you’re very young — aren’t you? Aren’t you?’

    “That is the true, sleazy and debased face of prostitution — the face that pro-prostitution lobby groups hysterically deny and attempt to conceal. Well, they cannot conceal it from me. I spent too long looking at it, too long being abused by it, and too long trying to recover from the soul-level injury it left behind.

    “Many of the girls I worked alongside were not much older than I was, and one was only 13-years-old — and there was no shortage of grown men paying to abuse her. Most of the older women had been working since they were our age or younger, and many of them had histories of sexual abuse that predated their prostitution lives. When a person looks at a 30- or 40-something prostitute what they forget is that they are looking, in most cases, at a woman who has been inured to bodily invasion since she was a prepubescent child”.

    (And that’s jst from an article I happened to read earlier in the day. There are countless similar telling the same story. As well as many studies confirming the same thing and confirming the harms of prostitution.

    Here’s a link to another article called “Legality Leads to More Trafficking” by an amazing woman (and former prostitute) called Rachel Lloyd


    (And this quote is the gist of it)

    ‘The argument that legalizing prostitution makes it safer for women just hasn’t been borne out in countries implementing full legalization. In fact, legalization has spurred traffickers to recruit children and marginalized women to meet demand. Amsterdam, long touted as the model, recently started recognizing rates of trafficking into the country have increased and is beginning to address the enormous hub of trafficking and exploitation that it’s created”.

    You really need to educate yourself on this subject, The Brooke Magnantis of the world have done a pretty good con job about the true nature of “sex work”, I’m afraid.

  8. @MLM. As I told, prohibition is the water of Mafia fish. In fact, in Countries with this one the crime gets it managed easly, becasue this kind of activity is underground, not to say it is hidden. So, it is better to avoid prohibition where it is possible as paying sex among adult and consentient people. It is the same of wine in America of 20s, where this one was sold into hidden cellars. It was a very good money gain for crime to organize these selling places.

  9. Francostars, you haven’t actually bothered reading or addressing any of the info offered to you. In countries where the sex industry is licensed/decriminalised, the criminals get re-catagorised as business men, the abuse gets re-catagorised as ‘work’, and the sex industry expands because all the old ‘illegal’ stuff carries on as before, with an added layer of ‘legitimate’ business on top.

    Simply repeating “consentient people” doesn’t address exactly who is ‘consenting’ and why; using poverty and addiction to get someone to submit to unwanted sex is not meaningful consent, and women who have to submit to unwanted sex describe it as being raped in return for money, and they suffer post traumatic stress disorder, the same as soldiers who have been in combat.

    Prostitution exists because of demand, and the Nordic Model addresses this by decriminalising the prostitute her (or him) self, and criminalising the ‘buyer’. The Nordic Model works because most johns are afraid of getting caught and exposed for their activities.

    Francostars, if your next comment is you just repeating yourself again, I will delete it and all further comments from you. I, and the other women commenting here, have better things to do than talk to a brick wall.

  10. […] Rochdale and Oxford cases show that very young girls being exploited in prostitution isn’t some ‘rescue […]

  11. :Lorena Bobbitt

    There are no child prostitutes-just KIDS that have been forced to become unwilling sex slaves by MEN for money. What makes me enraged is simple-why are these “johns” not being tracked down and arrested?! If there were no johns there would be no need for child sex slaves for asshole men to make money off of. Supply plus demand. Reading this article made me feel…well I can’t really find the words. What these girls endured is heinous. No human being should have to live through that. I bet these scumfuck johns pay their money-do what they want to have that oh-so-important “orgasm”-then go home to their wives and girlfriends or by themselves and feel absolutely no remorse for what they did. The “pimps” should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s my fantasy that they are all CASTRATED…If we lived in a Matriarchy, maybe this could happen! Someday….someday…

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