‘Whenantisattack’ twitterer thinks working class women only good for low-pay, low-skill work or prostitution

Maggie Mayhem

Because no working class woman ever went to university, no working class woman ever became a doctor or a lawyer or an architect or any other professional.

She doesn’t come right out and say ‘working class’ because she’d get jumped on for classism, but it’s there in ‘low income women’, and in ‘caste’ – unless you are going to argue that the world is just so well run and harmonious that only women who are incapable of achieving anything educationally or career-wise end up in low-pay, low-skill work, and that educational and career outcomes aren’t largely fixed by ones socio-economic class status at birth.

And let’s just not think about all the women in the sex industry who are still poor. Let’s not think about all the vulnerable girls who lose out on their education because they are targeted by pimps for grooming while they are still at school – if you are from a poor background the only choices for you are shit work or ‘sex work’.

EDITED 09/03/13 to add: This is also typical of the contempt sex industry advocates always show for the large number of women around the world who do get by on low pay, low prestige work. It also shows contempt for the women in the developing world who lift themselves out of poverty and manage to do things like send their children to school through small scale agricultural and manufacturing projects, often run as co-operatives with other women.

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  1. […] so they ‘need’ ‘sex work’, rather than any other route out of poverty (and poor women and girls aren’t good for anything else anyway), so let’s paper over the cracks, round them all up into flat-rate brothels and out of town […]

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