Brooke Magnanti just wants to protect those poor helpless pimps!

It’s good to know where her priorities lie (hint: it isn’t with women)!

defend the pimps!

4 responses

  1. Chocolattruffaut

    I absolutely hate how the word racist has become a catchall word that means “someone I disagree with so they’re bad.” Also, I thought sex positivism was all about reclaiming words, so why can’t exploiters/traffickers embrace the term pimp? Why don’t they want to be “empowered”?

  2. I understand what dog whistle politics is, but I don’t understand how the word “pimp” fits into that scheme. Are they trying to say that “pimp” is a slur against black people?

  3. I think something like that. The stereotype of a pimp, in North American culture at least, is an African American. In the UK the stereotype is ‘Asian gangs’ (who only prey on white girls).

    I’ve also seen so-called ‘sex positives’ claim that it’s an insult against working class men (who are all living off their ‘sex worker’ girlfriends, obviously).

    But also, to follow on from what Chocolattruffaut says, accusations of racism are a way of shutting down conversation; cry ‘that’s racist!’ and then run away quickly, like a child that’s just pressed someone’s doorbell for a dare.

  4. A “pimp” is a low down dirty lazy scumfuck who lives off of naive women’s money after the pimp sells their bodies for sex. Who cares what ethnicity he is? Pimps are also scumfuck men OR women who run “escort services” (prostitution rings). How escort services are legal boggles my mind. I think they pay off crooked cops to let them operate…Anyways-there is NOTHING to be proud of for being a scumbag pimp. They are making a living off of the sweat, trauma, the danger these women face going off in cars or to a rich pervert’s apartment who has horrible things in store and more. Pimps intimidate-threaten-coerce-assault-rape and more the women who he is living off of. These people are disgusting people who should be a “pro” for a night and see what these girls have to endure. Anyone who defends these “pimps” should suffer one day like “their women” have for many years..I spit on them and assholes who defend these lowlife pieces of shit!!

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