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Some comments on BDSM

These comments are all from the Feminist Current post No, being ‘kinky’ does not grant you minority status, and were found via Ise Palase.

It’s not sex that’s the [political] “force to be reckoned with”. It’s patriarchy, domination, sadism and related masochism which try to make sex into that mysterious “force” to move attention away from themselves in what is a political move.

Commenter Me

It’s interesting that you bring up a rebellious nature as a possible reason for engaging in BDSM. There are people who rebel because they’ve made conscious decisions to fight against unjust authority in their lives – their goal is to win, they’re not in it for a cheap thrill they’re in it because they deliberately decided it’s the right thing to do.

Then there are people who rebel with no intention of ever winning – that would take all the fun out of rebelling. These are the people who like chains. Who would they rebel against if they won and had to be the authorities of their own lives? Not to mention who would make all the judgement calls that they would live by but also rebel ineffectually against?

This sort of rebellious behavior is actually childish acting out and it doesn’t threaten authoritarian systems it fortifies them. This is a real problem for those of us who don’t like chains.

Commenter copleycat

You mentioned enjoying feeling your senses overloaded. I’ve heard that from other BDSMer’s before and it also strangely enough sounds a lot like the prescribed goal of the “shock and awe” doctrine. That goal being to terrorize people with such sudden, intense violence that they can’t process any incoming information effectively enough to act on it. This is about destroying consciousness.

Commenter copleycat