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Porn-loving dude says women only last for three films in the porn industry

The Anti-Porn Activist blog has reported on a non-scientific study of the porn industry, carried out by a porn-loving dude. It is interesting, because, even if not up to ‘peer review’ standards, it does give an indicative snap-shot of the porn industry (or at least the US/Los Angeles based porn industry), and, since it’s carried out by a porn-loving dude, it can’t be accused of a negative bias. Anti-Porn Activist does a good dissection of it, but this is the thing I would like to draw attention to:

Note that the author of the study questions the validity of this well-known quote below:

“Most girls who enter the porn industry do one video and quit. The experience is so painful, horrifying, embarrassing, humiliating for them that they never do it again.”

– Luke Ford (former pornography gossip columnist), speaking on CBS News.

The study author questions that statement because it doesn’t match with his informal study results of the unofficial website (IAFD [The Internet Adult Film Database]) he based his study on that is maintained by a “handful of international contributors.” (I.e. Some porn fans.) But isn’t it possible that IAFD doesn’t include ALL porn titles, especially some of the NEWEST ones with the LEAST WELL KNOWN performers that don’t have any “fans” yet, because it is their first time? We think that might be possible…

In any case, the study author concedes that it might instead be THREE films that are done before the majority of women quit porn: 53% do 3 films or more, which means that 52% of all female performers (the majority of women in porn) do THREE FILMS OR LESS. This is still not exactly a ringing endorsement for the industry, especially in light of how much porn often pays in the very beginning — for “fresh faces.” So again, we can’t help but ponder…. If pornography is really that awesome, and women just LOOOVE having all that degrading brutal sex on camera, why would so many young women quit so quickly??

I’m not exactly sure how she got to 52% of women doing three films or less, unless she’s drawing from a more detailed break-down of the numbers I haven’t seen (‘three films or more’ and ‘three films or less’ are over-lapping ranges), or if that was the percentage given by the porn-loving dude. If 53% of women do three or more films, then 47% (almost half) do one or two films before quitting the porn industry – which, as she says, suggests it’s not such great ‘work’ after all.