Nostalgia for the Playboy bunny

This blog will be five years old in May. Anti-Porn London started up as a response to the opening of the Playboy Store on Oxford Street in London; the store closed down in 2008 (I think), but unfortunately we can’t claim any credit for that, the Playboy ‘lifestyle’ brand simply wasn’t economically viable.

Looking back, it all seems rather quaint, this was back in the days before ‘sex positive’ tumblr-tots cried ‘kink shaming’ when criticised for asking a rape survivor if ‘her video’ was available on line, before BDSM went completely mainstream with Fifty Shades of Shite and Hollywood-star backed pseudo-documentaries on

This was back when all we had to worry about was third wave funfems and their magical choosy-choices, now we have fourth wave ‘feminists’ who use queer theory to deny that women exist at all.

So anyway, why not sit back and nostalgically enjoy the Rabbit Trilogy? It’s practically like watching an episode of Mad Men!

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