The mainstream media loves ‘evil mothers’

There was a report in yesterday’s guardian about a woman who forced her 14-year-old adopted daughter to inseminate herself with donor sperm until she gave birth at the age of 16.

The incident is, of course, shocking, but it is very likely to be a one off – this is not something women are regularly doing to their daughters. How many hundreds of thousands of men in the UK alone rape and impregnate their (adopted/foster/step/biological) daughters? How many sabotage their female partner’s contraceptives in order to get them pregnant and therefore control them? How many women in the Global South are dying or being seriously injured in the poorly regulated ‘surrogate’ motherhood industry?

But why bother reporting on men’s everyday violence when you can demonize a woman?


One response

  1. This is a rare case and because it is rare malestream media seized on the opportunity to once again remind women they are ‘evil incarnate’ and that is why males have to control and oppress women. Judge’s comments are equally misogynistic and women-hating. Would the Judge tell a convicted male serial sexual predator who had preyed on his biological daughter/female relative/female friend: ‘you are a wicked and selfish man who callously believed you have innate right of sexual access to any female.’

    Of course not men are not ‘evil’ because men always justify/minimalise their accountability and/or blame women for supposedly causing them to commit ‘evil.’

    Indeed malestream media conveniently ignores the corporate companies happily engaged in exploiting poor women and girls living in India because these companies are supposedly ‘allowing poor women and girls to earn some money by being constantly artificially inseminated for the benefit of others!’ Malestream media doesn’t care that all too commonly Indian women and girls are coerced by their husbands/male members of their family to become artificially pregnant. This isn’t ‘news’ merely normal male exploitation of women and girls because they are females.

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