QotD: “This thing about male victims”

Great post by Karen Ingala Smith (found via Feminist Current) refuting the claim that there is parity between men and women when it comes to being the victim of domestic violence.

The claim of gender parity in domestic violence, or at least of much less difference than is conventionally believed, is nothing new, in fact it’s been popping up – and out of the mouths of Men’s Rights Activists – since at least the 1970ies.  No matter how often or how robustly ‘gender symmetry’ claims are rebuffed and refuted, its advocates continue to regurgitate their position.

‘A third of all victims of abuse are male’

The data referenced, that approximately a third of victims of domestic abuse in the UK are male comes from data from the British Crime Survey. It contrasts significantly from data from police crime reports which estimate that between 80-90% of violence against the person reported is by women assaulted by men.

The main problems with the statistic that a third of reports are by men are

    • It is about domestic abuse and/or conflict, not domestic violence
    • The data does not differentiate between cases where there is one incident of physical conflict/abuse/violence or those where violence is repeated. If we look at the data for where there have been four or more incidents, then approximately 80% of victims are women
    • The data does not differentiate between incidents where violence and abuse are used as systematic means of control and coercion and where they are not
    • The data does not include sexual assault and sexual violence
    • The data does not take account of the different levels of severity of abuse/violence, ‘gender symmetry’ is clustered at lower levels of violence
    • The data does not take account of the impact of violence, whether the level of injury arising from the violence or the level of fear. Women are six times more likely to need medical attention for injuries resulting from violence and are much more likely to be afraid
    • The data does not differentiate between acts of primary aggression and self-defence, approximately three quarters of violence committed by women is done in self-defence or is retaliatory.

In fact, if these issues are taken into account, research consistently finds that violence is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men against women and levels are consistent with data of reports from the police. This is supported by data from the Crown Prosecution Service that shows that across the five years between 2007/8 and 2011/12, 93.4% of those convicted for crimes relating to domestic violence were men.

2 responses

  1. Unfortunately mens’ rights terrorist groups will continue to sing the same old misogynistic tune ‘wah female on male violence is far worse than male on female violence.’ These men refuse to accept reality and instead claim factual evidence that male on female violence is pandemic is just another ‘nasty feminist myth created by Feminists because we want to demonise men!’

    Karen’s factual evidence is sound because it is extrapolated from the male created British Crime Survey and note even male dominated and male controlled Crown Prosecution Service states 93.4% individuals convicted of committing intimate partner violence against women were men not women. I doubt those males convicted of intimate partner violence had subjected male partners to said violence, rather it was those males’ ex/current female partners.

  2. Actually, domestic violence within same-sex couples is a real issue, and since there are approximately 20 men killed by ‘domestic violence’ a year, it’s a safe bet that some of those would have been killed by other men.

    I put ‘domestic violence’ in inverted commas because I think most of the men killed by women would have been killed by women acting in self defense, it’s funny how no one ever bothers to break the figures down.

    I would be surprised if there was one case a year where a woman battered a man to death after subjecting him to years of domestic violence. I’ve never read a single news report of a woman battering a man to death after years of domestic violence, and that’s the kind of thing that would get reported in the papers.

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