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“Greg Fitzsimmons describing ‘casting couch’ porn that gets him off”


I’ll go on the internet and I’ll look for videos of women who have been tricked into auditioning for a porn movie that’s not really going to happen. It’s a whole genre, it’s called ‘casting couch’. There’s just something so vulnerable about—they come in and a lot of times they’re being told that…[That vulnerability] is a thing that turns me on. What’s creepy is when a woman is staring into the camera and pretending that she’s more turned on than she is, because she’s like a porn star. I prefer like, she comes in and she thinks she’s going to be modelling. Perhaps some nude modelling. And then the guy will ask her a bunch of creepy questions and ask her to take her clothes off. She’s surprised, because they think they’re coming in just for a meeting to talk about it. And then when the guy says “take your clothes off” you can tell it’s real because they stop. As you can tell from porn, it’s not easy to get people that will be porn actors that have any ability to act whatsoever. And there’s a moment where they’re surprised, a little frightened, where they go like, “Really?” and then they take their top off, and then their pants, and then they’ll get them to fondle themselves. And then the guy will say, “And now you have to blow me” and they—their head always goes back, like “What?” cut to (gagging sounds) and then they make love to the gentleman. Without any doubt whatsoever [these are real]. I would imagine they get them to sign a waiver at the beginning, and then I imagine these guys moving around a lot at night, so that an angry boyfriend doesn’t come and kill them.

From The Menstrual Diaries