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QotD: Women only Space

women only space

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QotD: “going to the dyke march alone with a ‘lesbian not queer’ sign”


so this is the sign i carried in the dyke march. lotsa older women wanted my photo with the sign, and no younger women would really talk to me. i got a lot of pointing and whispering and “oh my god, did you see her sign?” and a handful of “transphobe” remarks. a few dykes in the 40+ group would be like, yeah, feminism! and there were definitely a lot of photographs taken of me and my sign (good thing my outfit was p. killer). the one young lesbian that was interested in talking to me thought the “p.s. if you read this u r gay” part was funny, so at least there was that. all in all, going to the dyke march alone with a ‘lesbian not queer’ sign? meh, would not recommend. 4/10.

The Mississippist, found via Woman on the Edge of Tyne

“Trafficked woman to be sent packing”

When Nigerian Omo Amenagawon came to Denmark at 20, she believed that she would be working as an au pair, but the truth soon proved to be quite different.

She was forced into prostitution in Jutland’s brothels while those behind the scenes took all the money.

Now, she is the first woman in Denmark to come forward and put a name and face on trafficked women.

She went to the police and did something rarely seen: she testified against the financial backers and co-operated with police in their investigation, an investigation which has now earned those responsible prison sentences.

Gone underground
After the trial started, Amenagawon received death threats from the human trafficking network in Nigeria.

Despite this, she has been denied asylum in Denmark, and the authorities want to forcibly deport her and her one-year-old son back to Nigeria.

DR News interviewed Amenagawon at a secret location after she went underground with her son, fearing for both their lives. She was given help to ‘disappear’ by the founder of the Christians Venner safe house, where she had been staying until a few days ago.

“Our fear is that she’ll be killed upon arrival. That’s how these things play out, so we’ve decided to help her hide,” said Mogens Pedersen.

Amenagawon now lives in fear of her own safety.

“I co-operated with the police. I testified against the traffickers, and they received a prison sentence. At the time, the police said that I should apply for asylum in order to protect myself, and I did. However, now I’m to be sent back to the trafficking network anyway, when they’ve already threatened to kill me,” she said.

Violation of human rights
Omo Amenagawon’s lawyer, Jens Rye-Andersen, is puzzled by the refusal to grant her asylum.

“There is no doubt that, in this situation, we are obligated to step in and protect her by giving her asylum. If it was a Danish woman who had risked her own safety like this, she would have been better protected,” stated Rye-Andersen.

He believes the Danish authorities are acting in violation of international human rights in the case, and he is prepared to take the matter to the European Court of Human Rights.

Found via Woman on the Edge of Tyne

QotD: “I am too tired for words”

rape culture 01
rape culture 02
rape culture 03

I did this so quickly. learned just today that 2 sexual assaults happened in my high school district while I was a sophomore… 2 years after they essentially taught us girls that if we got sexually assaulted, it was our fault. The principal tried to cover it up and the assaulter only got benched during the sport for a while. the victims got blamed and hurt by their peers. it’s what they were taught to do, anyways.

I feel too tired to move.

From DaisySeeds

Found via Woman on the Edge of Tyne

Children’s Laureate Malorie Blackman calls for better sex education through teenagers’ fiction

Malorie Blackman, the newly-appointed children’s laureate and writer of teenage fiction, said youngsters ought to read about sex within the safe confines of a book rather than through “innuendo and porn”.

She told the Telegraph giving children challenging themes would allow them to process it within a “safe” context rather than turning to damaging and “brutalising” images.

Blackman, author of Pig Heart Boy, Noble Conflict and the Naughts and Crosses series, said it was important to remember teenagers would get their information “from somewhere”.

“The thing about it is that if you have books for teenagers, you present these ideas within a kind of safe setting,” she said.

“I was reading an article three weeks ago where this teenage girl was saying everything her boyfriend knew about sex he knew from porn. He was brutalising her, because that’s what he thought sex was about from watching online.

“It made me angry and it made me sad. I thought well, this is exactly why we need not just sex education in schools but also books that tackle the subject of relationships and your first time.

“Otherwise teens and young adults will get their information from somewhere and in this case it was getting it from porn.

“I would rather my daughter read about a loving sexual relationship in a book – whether it works or whether it doesn’t – but in that context, than getting her information from innuendo and from porn and the rest of it.”

From the Telegraph

“we have grown to consider most human attributes as masculine attributes”

Femini$t Ke$ha 01

Quote from Charlotte Perkins Gilman

From Femini$t Ke$ha, found via The Bewilderness

QotD: “the boot on women’s neck”

The pornstitutioners and the religious right have been fighting for years over how to position the boot on womens necks. They each have very different ideas on how best to exploit women to serve men.

Radical Feminists are trying to get the effing boot off our necks.

No wonder they hate us so.

From The Bewilderness

“I need Sex-Positive Feminism to change it’s rape-culture rhetoric before telling women and young girls about sex positivity”

I need Sex-Positive Feminism to change it’s rape-culture rhetoric before telling women and young girls about sex positivity.

Because, words like “sex-negative”, “puritanical”, and “prude” are used to sexually coerce girls and women into sexual practices they find uncomfortable via politics by Sex-Positive practitioners.

I need Sex-Positive Feminism to stop being politically sexually coercive.

From tumblr user jammerlammie, who’s blog seems to have disappeared already, found via Next Years Girl.

I don’t want to derail a blog post about reproductive rights, so I will despair about this on my own blog

EDIT 25/June/2013: After being contacted by the blogger I critiqued in this post I have decided to make a few alterations to the text. I am taking out the ‘special effects’, and some of the more florid language, and changing the first paragraph to make my intended point clearer.

This isn’t about any individual blogger, especially not one who’s only ‘crime’ was to be ignorant of the scope of debate around trans issues.

What matters is that her blog post was indicative of a whole generation of young women who have been so bamboozled by queer/trans/post-modern ‘thought’, that they can imagine that a foetus develops its ‘gender’ at some point in the womb.

Gender is a social construct, and a hierarchy, and it is harmful to feminism and to all women. I have written about this before, and I highly recommend this post from Liberation Collective on the subject.

The blog Generation: Handmaid reblogged a recent post of mine, they seem like a rather nice group of equality feminists who’s main concern (understandably, since they are based in the US) is reproductive rights, specifically access to safe, legal abortion (and there are no posts tagged with pornography, prostitution or ‘sex work’ etc to suggest that they are pro sex industry).

Their latest post is on the newly passed Pain-Capable Infant Protection Act, which reduces the abortion time limit to twenty weeks, and the junk science that has been used to justify the act.

As I said in the title of this post, I don’t want to go over to their blog and derail a post about what is a really really important subject, but this:

To start, you cannot accurately tell the sex of a fetus until about twenty weeks, which is currently the widely accepted cutoff time to terminate a pregnancy. This is because a fetus initially develops a sort of hermaphroditic male sex organ, which later is shredded and female sex organs grow when the chromosomes begin to develop. This means that the sex organs, and the fetus’s cisgender, have not reached a critical phase in development for this argument to truly hold up.

I’m not even talking about how poorly they interpreted their source data, or that they don’t understand what chromosomes are (they are all there to begin with, they are the blue print, they don’t ‘grow’), I mean the phrase “the fetus’s cisgender”.

What does that even mean? What has any of this got to do with gender in the first place? How does a foetus express gender? Even if you believe that gender is hard-wired into the brain, why would it develop at 20 weeks? Isn’t implying that it develops in tandem with the genitals basically saying it’s the same as sex? Is this why they tagged ‘cis’ to the front of ‘gender’? When does a foetus’ ‘transgender’ develop?

I can see why they said ‘cisgender’, because the whole junk science of the anti-abortion act is based around when a foetus is capable of feeling pain, and a GOP Representative made the claim that abortion should be banned after fifteen weeks, and said: “Watch a sonogram of a 15-week baby, and they have movements that are purposeful […] They stroke their face. If they’re a male baby, they may have their hand between their legs. If they feel pleasure, why is it so hard to believe that they could feel pain?”

So the whole ‘cisgender’ thing is because this is about male foetuses (theoretically, allegedly) enjoying their male sex organs. Now, masturbation itself isn’t a gendered thing in the first place, not really, it’s mechanical, and the mechanics of it depend on the mechanics of the genitals being manipulated. But implying that all male … beings? existences? enjoyed their male sex organs would have been ~transphobic~ (because a ‘trans foetus’ would feel dysmorphic in utero presumably), so we are left with the ridiculous sentence “the fetus’s cisgender”.

QotD: “She’s Someone”

She's someone

We shouldn’t be helping women because they’re related to someone else. We shouldn’t be helping women because someone else cares about them. We should be helping women because they are people.

We should be helping women for their own sake.

Why is that a hard concept for people to grasp?

From lovebeyondmeasure