Daily Archives: June 2nd, 2013

“The problem with the ‘consent is sexy’ narrative”

The problem with the “consent is sexy” narrative is actually the opposite message — that nonconsent is bad because it’s “unsexy.” Rape and coerced sex are not bad because they’re not “sexy.” Getting consent isn’t sexy, it’s the actual minimum someone can do to ensure that they are not committing violence upon another person. Consent doesn’t need to be sexied up and cutesfied, because the pornification of consent first of all detracts from what consent is actually about but secondly contributes to the idea that “sexiness” is the greatest good possible, which contributes to the belief that all things must be sexy in order to be desirable and that all things which are sexy are inherently desirable and good.

From Next Years Girl

I was planning to write a post on this called ‘saying no will never be sexy’, about how this ‘consent is sexy’ thing is really just about putting pressure on people (women) to say yes, even when they don’t want, but I think NYG has it all covered!