Daily Archives: June 18th, 2013

QotD: on victims

Some readers may object to our use of the word “victim” as compared to “survivor”. Like Diana Russell (1986), we use “victim” in order to emphasize the victimizing situational factors impacting on the person, whether or not she or he survives, manifests good survival skills, and responds as a victor. We hope this wording will help reduce victim-blaming by increasing our appreciation of the powerful impact of situational variables on people’s psychology. Use of the word “victim” can help remind us (assuming the theory is correct) that it is the situations creating victimization that must be changed, not the victims themselves (see Caplan and Nelson 1973).

Dee Graham, Edna Rawlings & Roberta Rigsby. Loving to Survive: sexual terror, men’s violence, and women’s lives. NYU Press. July 1 1994. (p. 1)

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