Daily Archives: June 29th, 2013

QotD: “going to the dyke march alone with a ‘lesbian not queer’ sign”


so this is the sign i carried in the dyke march. lotsa older women wanted my photo with the sign, and no younger women would really talk to me. i got a lot of pointing and whispering and “oh my god, did you see her sign?” and a handful of “transphobe” remarks. a few dykes in the 40+ group would be like, yeah, feminism! and there were definitely a lot of photographs taken of me and my sign (good thing my outfit was p. killer). the one young lesbian that was interested in talking to me thought the “p.s. if you read this u r gay” part was funny, so at least there was that. all in all, going to the dyke march alone with a ‘lesbian not queer’ sign? meh, would not recommend. 4/10.

The Mississippist, found via Woman on the Edge of Tyne