QotD: “going to the dyke march alone with a ‘lesbian not queer’ sign”


so this is the sign i carried in the dyke march. lotsa older women wanted my photo with the sign, and no younger women would really talk to me. i got a lot of pointing and whispering and “oh my god, did you see her sign?” and a handful of “transphobe” remarks. a few dykes in the 40+ group would be like, yeah, feminism! and there were definitely a lot of photographs taken of me and my sign (good thing my outfit was p. killer). the one young lesbian that was interested in talking to me thought the “p.s. if you read this u r gay” part was funny, so at least there was that. all in all, going to the dyke march alone with a ‘lesbian not queer’ sign? meh, would not recommend. 4/10.

The Mississippist, found via Woman on the Edge of Tyne

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  1. We need people to stop thinking it’s okay to criticize women for determining their own boundaries as a biologically and socially defined group. What I keep coming back to here is men insisting women let men decide what “woman” means. And when we confront these guys on it they say they are women because they say they are women and either criticize us for hurting their feelings or else threaten violence.

    I have an internet contact who is a drag queen. He doesn’t think he’s a woman. He posted something tonight that made it quite clear he’s not a woman, and a commenter showed up and wrote something that made it clear she considered him trans, and he wrote back something amusingly oblique that made it clear he did not accept that label.

    Trans need to invent their own identity and stop trying to appropriate those of other people. It’s not good for them and it’s not good for us.

  2. that is fucking rad. well done, dear sister.

  3. By the way homosexuality only applies to males never females. Lesbian is the correct term for women who are sexually attracted to other females. Homo means male – not female.

    Oh but wait men are the ones who decide who is and who is not female which explains why men can magically become female just by declaring ‘I am a woman and if you challenge me I’ll physically assault you!’

  4. Good for you! If I see you on a march I will cheer!

  5. Just to clarify, this isn’t me, it’s the tumblr blogger Mississippist, linked to at the bottom of the post.

  6. “Homo means male”

    No, ‘homo’ means ‘same’.

  7. Homogenized milk is male milk? 🙂

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