QotD: “this is who sex-pos feminists are allying with”

i’ll never forget when i read about gavin mcinnes’ (the founder of vice magazine and general slob) “debate” with another man about whether or not prostitution should be legalized. mcinnes was in favor of it, obviously, and the other dude was against (he was conservative and i think quite religious). anyway, mcinnes said something that has stuck with me to this day because i really think it is one of the most misogynist things i’ve ever heard: he said you weren’t allowed to have an opinion about the legalization of prostitution unless you had “bought” a “whore.” i know mcinnes has a habit of playing up his nihilistic tendencies for attention (“ironic” use of slurs, et cetera), but i think he really meant this. pimps and johns are the only people qualified to judge the “sex industry”? this is who sex-pos feminists are allying with when they talk about how “oppressive” it is to “shame” “clients.”

From High Windows


2 responses

  1. The only ‘whores’ are the males who consider it their innate right to purchase women and girls! McInnes is another women-hating male who thinks because he’s male this means he can utter women-hating sexualised insults.

  2. Ok Hecuba, I have asked you twice before to not continue to use the term ‘whore’ like this on my blog. There are good reasons for me to make this request: You are continuing to use ‘whore’ as an insult, and keeping it in circulation as an insult; and calling johns ‘whores’ will just confuse the hell out of everyone. In other words you are achieving less than nothing in your attempt to rebrand ‘whore’ as an insult against johns.

    Also, you are showing a complete lack of respect to me as the person who runs this blog, by demonstrating that you don’t take any notice of anything I actually say, and instead use the comments sections as a place to dump your opinions. Half the time I don’t think you even read the posts, just skim-read to find a few key words.

    Until you acknowledge what I have written here, and agree to abide by my request, I am deleting any further comments from you.

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