QotD: ‘Crash Pad Predators’

I messaged Crash Pad a few days ago with the same details I am going to post here.

Crash Pad Series markets itself as a queer friendly, consent minded, feminist, body positive etc etc erotica series.

In spite of this there are known sexual predators amongst their performers.

I found two people by who I have been personally assaulted while browsing crash pad.

It was deeply triggered to see my assailants presented as objects of desire and admiration.

I sat on this information for several months. I didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t sure I could do anything that would have any effect or that anyone would care and I felt deeply guilty.

In spite of that I’m posting this information here in the hope I can persuade Crash Pad to institute a policy of taking down the work of performers who have or go on to assault people.

From Crash Pad Predators (found via Ironfoxe)

The full text of Crash Pad’s response to my email [see original post].

“With 173 performers appearing on our site over 5 years and counting, it’s unfortunate but inevitable that some performers will go on to commit actions we would never condone or allow on our set.”

They are polite and sympathetic but the bottom line is this:

Out of a crew of under 200 performers it is not possible or practical that all of these people be consent minded and responsible when they are not being paid to be so.

It is “inevitable that some performers will go on to commit actions we would never condone or allow on our set”

And by “actions we would never condone or allow on our set” they mean rape

Rape is not only “inevitable” but in a select cast of under 200 performers, it is not reasonable to expect that none of these people be rapists.

Rape is inevitable.

This is the essence of rape culture.

2 responses

  1. This page is getting a lot of links/visits from tumblr, as the original site was taken down. Interesting info from the latest:

    “also point out the fact that crashpad routinely uses rape/coercion tropes – there is one robber/victim episode and another where one person keeps pushing another’s boundaries until she gives in each time.”

    So this is our ‘alt porn’ huh?

  2. […] Stryker have anything critical to say about the Crash Pad Predators? Not that I can find (she works for that company after […]

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