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QotD: Male Victims

MRAs and anti-feminists are so good at showing their ass when it comes to not actually giving a shit about male rape victims they might as well start doing it professionally. I never see people talk about childhood sexual abuse (where the vast majority of male rape cases happen – most men who are raped in their life time are victimized before age 10) prevention or combating the normalization of rape and sexual violence in prison (where the majority of rapes of adult male victims occur). Literally these contexts never come up, are never discussed, are never combated (except by feminists.) Never is the predatory male perpetrator brought to light or discussed or strategized against (except by feminists.) Instead they “read” a report that plainly states that the majority of males are victimized by other males and then look at a chart that states the number of forced penetrations and forced to penetrate cases in a given year are the same and… turn around and ask feminists to explain why women rape men as much as men rape women. They’re so obsessed with denying the existence of predatory men that they can’t even fathom his role in victimizing the men they claim to care so much about.

If you claim to care about male rape victims, then name the agent: predatory men and male violence.

From Next Years Girl

Anonymous asked: are there really that many ‘forced to penetrate’ cases? where do they get those numbers? i am really astonished (if) they’re such high numbers

It makes sense when you consider the dynamics of sexual abuse and that most male victims are victimized as children, then use the CDC’s definition of forced penetration:

Among men, being made to penetrate someone else could have occurred in multiple ways: being made to vaginally penetrate a female using one’s own penis; orally penetrating a female’s vagina or anus; anally penetrating a male or female; or being made to receive oral sex from a male or female. It also includes female perpetrators attempting to force male victims to penetrate them, though it did not happen

I’m just highlighting the last bit for anyone still wringing their hands over “forced envelopment.”

From Next Years Girl