Daily Archives: October 21st, 2013

QotD: “Activism has turned into one big group therapy session”

Activism has turned into one big group therapy session. It doesn’t matter what we accomplish – what matters is how we feel about it. The goal of the action isn’t to change the material balance of power, it’s to feel ‘empowered.’ For fuck’s sake, who gives a shit how I feel. Our planet is dying. And radicals are just as guilty of what I call ‘emotional activism.’ It may feel good to smash that Starbucks window, but does it actually do any good? I’m speaking here as someone who’s smashed my share of windows. This rerouting of the goal from political change to inner change is the reaction of both a spoiled, self-absorbed people, and the utterly desperate, desperate to do something, anything.

Lierre Keith

Found at Next Years Girl