“Chow brothers open new brothel”

Sex-trade barons John and Michael Chow, who start building a 15-storey hotel and brothel opposite the Sky Tower soon, expanded their Auckland operation yesterday with a new club in a central city backpacker area.

The Galaxy Club on Gore St will employ between 80 and 120 women, aged 18 to early 40s, with the brothers spending millions on the fit-out and strengthening of the building.

They also have consent for New Zealand’s first tower brothel, on the site of the demolished historic Aurora Tavern, on the corner of Federal St and Victoria St West.

“After receiving the green light from Auckland Council for the site opposite SkyCity, we are able to move forward and work will be starting soon on the site so watch for the space,” the brothers said in a statement.

The pair, who are widely known in Wellington through their investment in strip clubs and brothels, continued their Auckland takeover yesterday with the unveiling of the new club in a central city backpacker area.

They said the Galaxy was their first brothel in Auckland.

“We spent $4 million on the fitout and strengthening the building which we bought two years ago,” Michael Chow told the Herald.

He said the brothers’ company the Chow Group also owned the Mermaid strip club below.

Monsignor David Tonks, pastoral assistant to Catholic Bishop Patrick Dunn, has expressed concerns about more brothels, predicting more crime, particularly murders.

He wants new brothels limited to existing red light areas like Karangahape Rd and Fort St.

The Prostitutes’ Collective supports the expansion, a spokesperson saying she was disappointed there had been opposition to the project.

From The New Zealand Herald News, published May this year

(See also this earlier piece)


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  1. Not relevant to this entry, but I wanted to tell you something. Pro-porn people argue that pornography is not prostitution because the activity is not performed for the director’s sexual satisfaction (a piss-poor excuse at any rate: if you’re paying people to have sex, it’s prostitution as far as I can tell). And yet I just heard an interview with Russ Meyer (not a porn director per se, but a man who makes what some people have called porn) where he says that he’s always aroused when he’s shooting, that this is his main motivation and how he tells whether what he’s shooting works or not.

  2. http://m.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10887382

    Found this interesting as well. Why do people allow this?! I would start a revolution so help me god…

  3. Francois,

    I think there’s some kind of legal work-around (in the US at least) to make it so that the pornographer is not, somehow, soliciting – this work around was brought about for the benefit of the porn industry and porn users of course, the women (and men) used in the porn industry were never relevant.


    The sex industry is completely normalised in New Zealand, that was the aim all along.

  4. Well yea, I know they make a LEGAL difference. I’m just saying there’s no ACTUAL difference.

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