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QotD: “Gender is who gets to be human, and who gets hurt”

Gender is not some cosmic yin/yang; it’s a fist, and the flesh that bruises. Gender is who gets to be human, and who gets hurt.

Women live inside the barricade of sexual terrorism. Men live outside the barricade of sexual terrorism. In fact, men built that barricade. Fist by fist, and fuck by fuck. It is exactly those violent violating practices that construct a class of people called “women.” That is what men do to break us, and to keep us broken. And that is what gender is: the breaking, and the broken.

Lierre Keith

(Found at the Bewilderness)

QotD: “Pornography could not be ignored by feminists who were concerned to end male violence”

Pornography could not be ignored by feminists who were concerned to end male violence. An examination of pornography revealed that all the varieties of male violence against women were depicted in pornography as pleasurable to men and to women too. Women raped and tortured in pornography claimed to love and seek their abuse. Incest was shown as harmless and good fun for all the family. It became clear that pornography provided a textbook for and justification of such violence. The defenders of pornography have always most consistently denied any link between pornography and male violence. They have claimed that pornography was a privileged exception to other media in that it had no effect on the way its users felt about the world. But feminists could not see pornography as an exception.

Sheila Jeffreys, Anticlimax

(Found at the Bewilderness)

QotD: “when we women find the courage to defend ourselves, to take a stand against brutality and abuse, we are violating every notion of womanhood we have ever been taught”

when we women find the courage to defend ourselves, to take a stand against brutality and abuse, we are violating every notion of womanhood we have ever been taught. The way to freedom for women is bound to be torturous for that reason alone.

Andrea Dworkin, Woman Hating, 1974

Found at the Bewilderness

QotD: “This is me”

This is me

Gerda, 1995

QotD: “we get it”

males are so fucking boring and predictable.

we get it, you hate women but you don’t want to leave us alone, you want to fuck us but you want us to feel shame and pain, you want us to be beautiful but suffer for it, and most of all you want to keep us silent no matter what.

From icecoldnukacola

QotD: “Men deriving emotional and physical satisfaction from violence is the root of the vast majority of evil in the world”

Men deriving emotional and physical satisfaction from violence is the root of the vast majority of evil in the world. There is literally nothing worse. So fuck anyone who says that’s it’s not a big deal when men are sexually aroused by domination. It’s like, The Biggest Deal.

From Gender Treason, who describes himself as a “recovering queer theorist acting in solidarity (hopefully) with radfems and other women fighting male supremacy.”

“Fewer rape cases make it to court, says Yvette Cooper”

Victims of rape, domestic violence and child sex abuse are suffering as a result of a “hollowed out” police service, Yvette Cooper has said, pointing at a fall in the number of cases referred for prosecution even though the number of recorded cases has increased.

The shadow home secretary accused Theresa May of turning her back on a problem created by the government, risking a return to the days when such crimes were hidden and victims treated poorly.

Cooper spoke out after the Labour party collated a series of parliamentary answers from the solicitor general, Oliver Heald.

These had been issued in the autumn, and show an increase in number of recorded cases of rape, domestic violence and child sex abuse.

But the figures then show a fall since 2010 (when the government took office) of the number of cases passed by police to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for prosecution.

For instance,

The figures show that:

• 8,130 rape cases were referred to the CPS in England and Wales in 2010-11, compared with 5,404 in 2012-13.

During the same period, the number of recorded rape cases increased from 15,892 to 16,327. Labour first released these figures in October.

• 101,242 cases of domestic violence were referred to the CPS in 2010-11, compared with 88,110 in 2012-13. The number of recorded cases increased between 2010-11 and 2011-12 from 739,099 to 796,935 – there are no figures for 2012-13. Labour first noted these figures in September.

• 13,018 child sex offence cases were referred to the CPS in 2010-11 compared with 9,381 in 2012-13. During the same period the number of recorded cases increased from 17,730 to 18,915. Labour first noted these figures in November.

Cooper said: “The police service is being hollowed out by this Tory-led government and victims of rape, domestic violence and child sex abuse are suffering as a result.”

“There is a very serious drop in action against the most serious criminals and abusers since the government’s police cuts and fragmented reforms started and specialist police units have been cut back. Victims of crime and abuse are being let down as a result.

“This has all happened in the last two years, yet the home secretary is turning her back on the problem she has created. Something is going badly wrong. That’s why I’m urging chief constables directly to take action.

She said that new national standards were needed to deal with these sorts of cases and direct action by all chief constables was necessary to address the problem.

“I shall be contacting all of them and urging them to act even without the support of the home secretary. I want to work with police leaders to see what action can be taken to turn this round as fast as possible.”

From the Guardian

QotD: ‘Risk Aware Consensual Kink”

“A part of me is cruel. I want to hurt you and see you cry. You want that too. You know that your marks and tears are my way of saying I love you.

I can be gentle and loving if I am in the mood. If I’m not in the mood, then you probably did something wrong. So do something about it…”

from the submissive-black-women blog

These are the classic lines of an abuser (and a violent one at that,) and these kind of remarks are all too common within the BDSM community. Given that most of the instruments that get used in BDSM were used in slavery + torture (during the middle ages,) it’s hardly surprising (albeit, still fucking disgusting,) that eventually some fucknard was going to come along and let it all play into his racist and sexist illusion/delusion of what human beings are put on this earth for.

I still, can not for the life of me, understand how people are not willing to think critically about an entire sub-culture/lifestyle that is based around physical/psychological violence and the sexualisation of that violence.

There are countless women, girls, boys and men who have been abused and raped only to be silenced by the community that alleges it value nothing but “Safe, Sane, Consenual” or as the now more popular saying goes (because let’s face it, there’s nothing safe or sane about sexualising psychological and physical violence about other human beings,) “Risk Aware Consensual Kink”.

I remember when I was much young and was interested in the BDSM bullshit and “breath play” aka choking, was considered a big no-no. Now it is a staple in mainstream pornography.

How much is going to happen before, we stand up and say “no more” to sexualised violence that’s allowed to be perpetrated in the name of “tolerance” or “acceptance” or “just something that happens between two consenting adults in the bedroom.”

The mere existence of public humilation fetishes would indicate that is not something that these people are interested in keeping in the bedroom. It comes from violence and degradation and the only goal is violence and degradation.

I will never feel bad for “kink shaming” – as BDSM damn near ruined me.

From hateyrgutsloveyrface

(I thought, from the way this woman was describing her experiences, that she would be in her thirties or forties, she’s twenty-four. Sometimes I feel very naive and sheltered)

QotD: “Every day, I consume media in which women perform their own submission and masochism”

I’m listening to the song “Do What U Want” by Lady Gaga and thinking about how much different (read: better) a song it would have been if R.Kelly had also sang, “Do what you want with my body” instead of changing his part to “Do what I want with your body.”

Every day, I consume media in which women perform their own submission and masochism and compare themselves to dolls/toys/objects. Where is the equivalent message from men? Where is the man who’s willing to be our sex toy, who purports to be an object and not a human and who doesn’t “get off” on it because his “getting off” doesn’t matter? Oh, right, he doesn’t exist. The closest thing we have to this is men performing a caricature of “femininity” by being “submissive,” and this model 1) fulfills their personal desires and 2) supports the larger social model of dominance and submission by casting them as masculine and feminine, respectively.

To imagine a man saying, as all hetero women do everyday, “Use me for your own pleasure, I’m an object, I don’t matter” is unthinkable.

High Windows

“Domestic abuse: half a million victims ‘too terrified to come forward'”

More than half a million victims of domestic abuse are too terrified to come forward and report their experiences, according to provisional estimates of research that specialists hope will quantify the true extent of the crime.

Citizens Advice has conducted research over the last year that reveals a higher level of abuse than previously reported. A pilot project in nine areas across the UK, in which clients were asked a series of routine questions when seeking help with issues such as debt and housing problems, found that 27% had experienced domestic abuse at some time since the age of 16 – three percentage points more than the national average reported for all women in the latest crime survey for England and Wales.

If extrapolated across the UK, the specialists believe that could mean there are up to 540,000 more victims of domestic abuse, the vast majority of whom would have stayed silent, according to Citizens Advice, which now plans to roll out the scheme service wide

According to those involved in helping domestic violence victims, Christmas and its attendant financial pressures exacerbate relationship tensions and are a factor in aggravating domestic abuse.

Bridget Cheyne, who leads on domestic violence for Citizens Advice in the Chorley and south Ribble area of Lancashire, said: “Economic pressures, such as not being able to afford the children’s presents or a decent Christmas, means that that is the busiest time of year for us.”

Its bureaux have dealt with 21,000 reports of domestic violence in the last year, a 16% increase from the previous 12 months. Cheyne said that in her team’s latest monthly meeting, where agencies discussed the most at-risk cases, they had 31 cases, compared with 15 during the same period last year. “The cases are coming in at a rate quicker than I have known,” she said.

Cheyne added that there were still too many instances of domestic violence that were discovered too late. One example, she said, was the murder of Judith Maude, 57, during the summer. Maude, of Hoghton, Lancashire, was stabbed three times in the neck and once in the back by her husband during a savage attack, yet there had been no indications or calls to the police that her husband was capable of violence. “There was no indication that she was in any danger and that, sadly, can happen if people feel they have nowhere to come forward,” said Cheyne.

One victim is Karen Hanna, 38, of Chorley, who was held hostage in her home for more than a week by a partner who raped her and beat her severely. Hanna, who agreed to waive her right to anonymity in order to encourage other victims to come forward, said her ordeal began in Bristol in 2010 with a man she knew, though she had no idea he had a history of violence against women.

She said: “I was only with him for two weeks when he beat me up and I had him arrested. I dropped the charges, but he was already under licence for violence, so they put him in prison for two years.” Although Hanna subsequently moved to Lancashire, her attacker’s solicitor provided her new contact details, underlining last week’s calls from the Labour party for victims of domestic violence to be allowed not to have to disclose their personal information because of the risk they will be attacked again.

“The day after he got out of prison, he came straight to my flat and took me hostage. He took my phone; he took my keys. I endured eight days of being held hostage, raped, battered senseless. He ripped out half my hair. I had to admit to sleeping with people that I hadn’t because of his paranoia. If I admitted to doing these things, he wouldn’t beat me up as much. I could only go outside with him and had to pretend everything was OK.”

One night she escaped while he was drunk and asleep. “I ran out, locked him in and called the police, who have been fantastic.”

Like many victims, Hanna recognised the difficulties that victims face in coming forward to ask for help. “It’s embarrassing, humiliating; you don’t believe that anyone will believe you.”

From the Observer