QotD: ‘freeeedom’

I’m quoting myself here, in response to this idiotic dudebro sexpoz comment here.

If ‘sex work is work’, as the vast majority of sex industry advocates claim, then it is an area to be examined and regulated as much as any other industry.

Sex industry advocates always do this bait-and-switch; ‘sex work is work’, so you can’t talk about what it means, physically or emotionally, to submit to unwanted sex, or to be fucked by 30 men within 24h, but talk about prostitution as abuse, and suddenly it’s ‘sex’ again, and you’re an anti-sex prude for even having an opinion on the subject.

Sex industry advocates cry ‘feeeedom’ whenever they talk about the sex industry (but are less willing to talk about the freedom not to prostitute, exit services in countries where prostitution is decriminalised/legalised/liberalised range from meager to non-existent), but nobody apart from a flaming neoliberal/libertarian/anarcho-capitalist would talk about any other industry this way:

You think big pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable by publishing all their findings, not just the positive ones? You’re against freeeedom.

You think supermarkets should have a good idea where the meat in their burgers came from? You’re against freeeedom.

You think the deforestation of the Amazon is a bad thing? You’re against freeeedom.

You think banks should be accountable to governments and the public? You’re against freeeedom.

You think big agricultural businesses should stop using pesticides that kill off honey bees? You’re against freeeedom.

and so on and so forth …

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