QotD: “Forgive me for not trusting adult men who ‘date’ teenage girls”

Forgive me for not trusting adult men who “date” teenage girls. The conversation always assigns some kind of false agency to the girls: look how “sexual” the girl is, how “mature” she is. Girls’ “maturity” is the avenue that allows men continual access to …

“To some of us “older men” teenage girls actually are smarter/more mature than those our own age.”

… Is this fucking guy serious? You really think that a 16 year old girl is more mature than someone in their late 20s? Girls in their teens are barely barely out of childhood, and you think they’re more mature? That they’re ~not like older women~? I mean, I’ve met a lot of really smart teens, and yeah, they seem mature. But they’re still minors. And I’m 100% positive that the only reason they talk to you is because they don’t have the experience to know that you’re a fucking creep. You are at best a rape apologist. And at worst (and more likely) a rapist and a pedophile. Wes is right. You need to stay a million fucking miles away from any and all women.

men like this believe “mature” means “amenable to sex”

“mature for her age” = “more interested in/open to sex than average for her age”

never mind that such “maturity” (particularly in very young/underage girls) is often the result of past abuse and low self-esteem.
same goes for whatever other positive terms they use to repackage inexperience, self-loathing, and trauma coping behavior: mature, intelligent, sophisticated, friendly, in control, etc.

Found at Queen Kink Shamer

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  1. God, yes. And the perceived ‘maturity’ of the children can then be used to argue that they are complicit in their own rape – as in the case recently of a 40-ish male teacher who raped a 14 year old girl who later committed suicide. Her ‘maturity’ meant that his crime was not taken seriously – although there was no question that it did not mean he was unaware of her real age (he was a teacher at her school: he couldn’t not have known).

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