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“Sex crimes against young children rise, research suggests”

Recorded sex crimes against children under 11 in England and Wales went up by 16% last year, research suggests.

There were 5,547 incidents, against the previous year’s 4,772, according to data from 41 police forces obtained by children’s charity, the NSPCC.

This means that 24% of all recorded sexual offences against children involved the youngest age group, with some victims as young as one.

The NSPCC said nearly half (46%) of parents had not tackled the issue.

The charity said the number of recorded crimes could have increased because more people were now coming forward in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

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QotD on Compulsory Heterosexuality

Because men want women’s sexual services for themselves only, seeing female-female sexuality as taking something from them, men make women’s heterosexuality compulsory. As a result, females view male sexual partners as “good” and female sexual partners as “bad” for women. But compulsory heterosexuality for women means more than that women should simply have sex with men rather than with women.

It means also that women should have sex with men no matter how badly we have been treated by men. Consider, for example, the rape victim who is pressured to “return” to men sexually and affectionately through such remarks as “Are you angry at all men now?” with the implication that being angry at men as a group, or at any man other than the rapist, is not acceptable.

Consider also the many ways it is communicated to women that we must have sex with our husbands, whether by priests, sex therapists, the family doctor, or one’s own mother. Choosing to give up sex with men or to withdraw from men because men are physically violent toward women is not considered a legitimate option for women. Imagine the responses you would get if you told others you were giving up sex with men or disengaging from men because men are violent toward women.

Choosing to withdraw from men simply because men do not relate to us in mutually empowering ways is treated as heresy

Dee L.R. Graham with Roberta K. Rigsby & Edna I. Rawlings (1995), Loving to Survive

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