MRAs still live in a fantasy world where they are oppressed by pink plastic ponies

My little misandry 01

My little misandry 02

My little misandry 03

My little misandry 04

My little misandry 05

Found at Next Years Girl

i mean how dare a show for little girls let them identify with it in the sea of male-targeted movies out there that have males in all the roles you just complained about females being in

laughs because girls are not allowed to have anything to themselves ever lmaooooo

I didn’t even realize the text on the pictures [weren’t] meant as complaints until I read the comments and looked up again to see “My Little Misandry” in the corner of each image.

Shut up you fucking dorrito-huffing neckbeards and let little girls enjoy their show.

FYI, this is exactly why people hate bronies. Because the presence of strong female characters is “misandry.”

You can see what I wrote on this subject previously here.

Also this (found via the Bewilderness):

i feel like mlp shares a lot in common w/ boobs in that their intended audience is young children but men have sexualised them and get angry when they cater to their intended audience instead of them.


and this:

chaeronaea tweet

PS: I haven’t checked out all the tumblr blogs I’ve linked to here, and accept no responsibility for anything else they post.

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