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Million Women Rise this Saturday in London!


Million Women Rise

‘The Ethical Porn Partnership’ … has no porn!

While looking for links for the post earlier this week on MPs’ call for an abolitionist approach to prostitution, I clicked on Nichi Hodgson’s profile on the Guardian.

She is a big-time idiot sex pozzer, who still sticks in my mind the most for her claim a few years back that men are oppressed when women refuse to have sex with them – Such sex positive! Much feminist! (I promise this is the only time I will do that meme!).


On men being discriminated against by feminist groups that won’t allow them voting rights, that isn’t the only example of discrimination. Another eg would be political feminists that do not have relationships with men on the basis that they are the historical ‘oppressor’, regardless of their personal position/relation to gender equality.

Read her comment in full and see if you can spot any difference between her and your common or garden MRA.

Anyway, her profile on the Guardian says: “Nichi Hodgson is […] director of the Ethical Porn Partnership,” Oh dear, I thought, I better see what that’s about, expecting another game of ‘spot the difference’ between ‘ethical’ porn and ‘regular’ porn (beyond the tattoos and piercings), but what I found instead was this:

The Ethical Porn Partnership

In eight months they (/she?) have not been able to find a single piece of ‘ethical porn’ to blog about!

The bumph on the front page is all very nice:

The EPP wants to challenge the notion all porn is exploitative. Instead, we want to collectively establish ‘best practice’ for the industry, while proving that it’s possible to advocate the health, welfare and working rights of those involved in its production, and offer consumers high-quality, original content made to certain ethical standards.

The EPP will also channel funds to anti-trafficking, anti-sexual violence and sex education initiatives, as well as taking an unequivocal stand on condemning child abuse imagery, and all non-consensual sexually explicit material, such as so-called ‘revenge porn’.

But it’s no good if you can’t find any of this so-called ‘ethical’ porn!

I like the claim that they’ll ‘channel funds’ to anti-trafficking initiatives; my guess is they have no funds at present. And hang on, I thought trafficking was made up by radical feminists? What’s going on here then, did she forget and accidentally let slip that trafficking is, in fact, real?

she “want[s] to collectively establish ‘best practice’ for the industry”, but it seems the industry doesn’t care!

Don’t worry Nichi, it will still look good on your CV!

QotD on ‘Egalitarians’

An “egalitarian” is someone who, realizing that a scale is imbalanced because there are six pounds on one side and twelve on the other, seeks to correct the imbalance by adding six pounds to both sides.

The people who reblogged this have no idea what an egalitarian is. […]

Here’s the thing, Sparky. When I said “egalitarian,” including the quotes, it was not in reference to people who genuinely believe in equality and – and this part is important – have given thought to what that actually entails. it was in reference to people who call themselves egalitarian, who are almost exclusively people who say things like, “Feminists and MRAs are both bad!” and, “Why are you talking about police brutality against black people? Why not police brutality against all people? You’re a racist! Let’s not see color!” It’s white boys who love to be contrarian for the sake of feeling above everyone else. Same type of eyeroll-inducing idiots who say that Democrats and Republicans are the exact same party.

Egalitarianism as a movement (using that term very loosely) is so intellectually and practically lazy that it makes armchair activism look like armed insurrection. When your movement’s only actions are pretending you see everyone equally, pretending that is the mechanism by which the rest of the world will change, and talking about how your movement is better than others in the same niche that actually dedicate effort to change, your movement is a joke.

From Twiggy Stardust