Gross men on Weekend Women’s Hour talking about being johns

BBC Radio 4’s Weekend Woman’s Hour, on right now, had a segment where johns talked about prostitution. One man who used on-street prostitution/was a curb crawler, called it the ‘budget end’ of prostitution, and compared it to a ‘hunt’, and admitted he wasn’t sure if some of the women he’d had sex with were trafficked or not, or were under age or not. Also a man who used the internet to find prostitutes, and insisted all the women he’d had sex with did it because they enjoyed it – but what else is a prostituting woman going to tell him under those circumstances?

All the men had a sense of entitlement, and saw sex as a commodity/service to be payed for one way or another, or as something they ‘needed’. They also saw the exchange of money as making it all ok; one couldn’t understand how it would be possible for him to be prosecuted (even if the law changed to an abolitionist model), because he was paying for a service.


One response

  1. Also on Weekend Women’s Hour, some evolutionary psychology tosh: middle-aged men dance badly to signal to young women that they aren’t good prospects as mates!

    Aren’t middle-aged men supposed to be ‘spreading their seeds’ around behind the wife’s back? Using prostitutes (see above)? All for ‘sound’ evolutionary reasons?

    It’s like they’re making it all up as they go along!

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