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More MRA Bullshit


That asshole better get home and unload the dishwasher!

The truth… The truth isn’t popular at all… Society hates the truth, and that truth is that men were and still are slaves to ungrateful women.

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Men created the draft

Men also run the coal industry

(It’s overly complicated to source every comment in this rather long tumblr conversation, you can see everyone involved at the Bewilderness.)

Woman on the Edge of Tyne (who provides a brilliant set of links!):

and – in many countries – banned women by law from working in coal mines (where until the early to mid 19th century women had done heavy, underground work). And these laws weren’t always overturned when sex discrimination legislation was put in place – for example Sandra Collins from Queensland Australia was only able to work in the mining industry after a court case in 1985, in the USA women were only allowed to become miners in various states from the early 1970s to late 1980s, and in the UK Elaine Mormon was only able to become a “free miner of the Forest of Dean” in 2010 after a 2-year court battle, and women miners in Bolivia have had to struggle for their right to be employed in 2001, and have formed their own mining co-ops.  Also, I think that there are many women miners in some parts of the world.

and I can almost guarantee that most women who work in mines also have to cook and clean.

The moment you come back from war, you are showered with accolades. The dominant national feeling toward soldiers is very positive, while the dominant national feeling toward women is still quite negative.

Really, though, the military is more of a way of destroying poor people than it is a way of destroying men. I’m not sure how that isn’t painfully obvious to the people who design images like this. Historically, women were seen as so NON-human that they weren’t even seen as valuable for battle. Now, yeah, women are allowed in, but again, it’s predominantly poor women forced into that situation because they have few other economic options—and the promise of “honor,” etc is given to them. The military is class warfare, not anti-man warfare.

Also, is this not more a case of rich men exploiting poor men? Women did not benefit from men being sent off to work in dangerous conditions.

Patriarchy is still a hierarchy. Not all men are equal within it. Especially not if they’re poor. The way people misconstrue and misunderstand privilege is truly deplorable.

The job on the left starts at $22 an hour. The job on the right peaks at $0 an hour.

Both live in a capitalist society. Do that math.

The person on the left pays for all of his (and his family’s) living expenses with his $22/hour job. The person on the right has all of her expenses paid by her husband.

You deliberately omitted that part.

From Screaming Banshee:


I didn’t “deliberately omit” jack shit. You assumed.

You assumed that either of them are married, first off – to anyone, let alone each other.

In assuming either are married, you assumed that the person on the left’s spouse is not employed outside the house. What makes you so sure their wife (or husband) isn’t also a miner? What makes you so sure they’re such a great guy, not an abusive fuck, or just arrogant and selfish enough to tell himself that his family’s needs are met before he blows the grocery money at the racetrack, the bar, the brothel?

Assuming we’re talking about the US, there’s a poster hanging inside the entrance to the breakroom where Person on the Left works. That poster details federal protections, including his entitlement to overtime pay, OSHA-enforced regulations and his protection from retaliation, including being fired, should he be injured on the job.

It is extremely unlikely Person on the Right receives any of that – at least not at the job she’s depicted working at. Why the assumption that Person on the Right didn’t already pull a shift elsewhere for a paycheck?

So let’s say she didn’t. Let’s say she’s married and her husband isn’t an abusive fuck, an alcoholic, a gambling addict. What happens to Person on the Right should tragedy befall? Her husband is killed in an accident. And not an accident at work, no – just, an accident. A car accident, a hunting accident, something like that.

Let’s pretend they’ve been married eight years, they have no children, and like most couples these days, they didn’t get hitched straight out of high school.

Eight years is not long enough to entitle her to less than half his Social Security, when she’s old enough to retire.

Here’s hoping they had anything saved up, because she’s been “out of the workforce” for quite a while. Finding a job at anything after eight years (at least) is going to be tough and she sure as shit doesn’t qualify for unemployment. All of the time she spent doing the work on the right didn’t count towards any of that.

Which is why this conversation even exists. Unless Person on the Right is a cleaning lady, it is safe to assume the work she is depicted doing is unpaid. There is no question that Person on the Left is pulling a paycheck; mining is not the sort of undertaking one engages in for shits and giggles.

Marx himself observed the necessity of the second shift, noted that overwhelmingly women pull the second shift and without somebody (he assumed it would be women) pulling it, society would collapse.

It was the only work, by the only workers, Marx failed to valuate.

Of course. Men’s assumption that women exist to perform that Sisyphean bullshit, that women will perform it, because men have defined women as existing for the purpose of giving (so that men can take.)

As Marx demonstrated, this is always a one-way street.

I live in an area where coal-mining is the major industry and I know a lot of coal-miners. Believe me when I say that women are still discouraged by men from working in mines. I’ve been told by my dad and uncles how horrible it is for women who do work down in the coal mines. Imagine being stuck underground with a bunch men sexually harassing you. And as for reporting it? No one’s going to take it seriously. They just figure that’s what you signed on for. (Though it might be better at a union mine, but those are uncommon these days.)

So women around here work at part-time jobs that pay almost nothing while the men at least have the opportunity to work in the coal mine for fairly decent wages and benefits. A woman’s only chance is to either leave the area or chain herself through marriage to a man with a decent paying job.

Patriarchy at work.

MRAs will never stop arguing that indentured servitude is an easy life for women compared to paid labor for men. They continue to cling desperately to myths that have been repeatedly debunked. Nope, they did not hunt the mammoth for us.