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“Young Native Girls Are Being Sacrificed to the Canadian Sex Trade”

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Kimmy was introduced to the sex industry by her biological sister when she lived in a foster home in northern Ontario. She is just one of many young girls in Canada’s native population who are being exploited – or trafficked. But it isn’t just pimps, johns, or gangs who are doing the trafficking. Increasingly, it can be the girls’ own family members and relatives, and it’s taking place in aboriginal communities, or in towns and cities, across the country.

According to the Canadian justice system’s definition, human trafficking usually happens because of force, threats, or coercion. However, a national human-trafficking task force is seeking to change the legal definition: “The traffickers have changed in how they are recruiting, luring, and controlling women,” says Diane Redsky, project director of the Human Trafficking Task Force at the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Redsky is also from Shoal Lake 40 First Nation in western Ontario.

She says these days, indigenous women who are trafficked don’t necessarily fear for their safety, nor are fear tactics always used. “The trafficking of indigenous women and girls is conducted very differently,” says Redsky. “The victims are ‘trauma-bonding’ with their traffickers.”

Redsky says “trauma bonding” is less like fear and more like a strong sense of loyalty: “Traffickers are becoming fathers and husbands to their victims,” explains Redsky.

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