Daily Archives: April 17th, 2014

“Subs make the rules and have the control, right?”

I have had two disastrous relationships with women who swore up and down that they were “submissive”, that they wanted someone else to take control and to set the rules. However, the reality was that they wanted to determine the rules, and any decision that did not agree with what they wanted was summarily rejected. Any attempt to assert authority was met with not only open resistance but surreptitious disobedience, passive-aggressive behavior, “non-arguing”, and even attempted recruitment of “allies” from among friends and family (who, sadly enough, did not have the maturity to say “It’s between you two.”). A constant response was generally to deride and insult any approach that was not one they had already predetermined as the one true way to do anything.

I’m sorry that happened to you. From your description, it does indeed sound pretty disastrous. It’s still a little mind boggling that it happened to you twice. Have you had any positive experiences with submissives in a D/s relationship yet?

But the subs are supposed to be the one in control goes the saying, right? Hahaha. They’re such liars. Fuck those people.

From Survivors of Kink Unite