Daily Archives: April 18th, 2014

QotD: “How is that anything other than coercion”

I can sum up that entire blog(and the entire kink community) with one quote.

In fact, tonight I plan to step up the training. I plan on pushing you lil1 a little past the limits you think you have. I want to keep you guessing and to help break down the barriers of your body that keeps you from fully giving yourself. Until now I have been patient with you and have not caused you humiliation. But I know if I don’t push you a little, you will stay where you are and I can’t accept that for either of us.

How is that anything other than coercion? Take away the kinks and bdsm and that is an experience that every woman has at some point in their life. Men pushing and pushing women to go out of their comfort zone to please them. To try something new, despite not wanting to, because ‘it’ll be better for you! I’m only thinking of you!!!’

This disgusting community hides behind this idea of ‘consent for all’ but how much does consent mean when you’re manipulating people to thinking that it is for their own benefit, that they deserve and need humiliation and pain?

From Lesbianwarfare