Discrimination against men!!!!1!!~~

HIStory 01

HIStory 02

Found at Next Years Girl

3 responses

  1. You dudes need to stop worrying about history and take remedial sign-making lessons. Once you get that down maybe you can try reading and logical thought.

  2. Seriously?
    I went to school in the USA.
    I think women’s history, Black history, Hispanic and Native American history Need to be part of the main history. I was lucky enough to get a teacher that taught history this way. You get a better picture of what it was like at that time.

    You can put the women’s[ and the story of what was happening with Black/Native American/Hispanic accomplishments into the time frame they occurred. Why is white male histories held so much higher in importance? The few women that are mentioned in herstory must have been quite outstanding in their time. There is no reason to leave their history out their contributions [despite much worse racism, sexism & prejudice] in the main curriculum timeline.

  3. When I first saw this post, I thought I was on manboobz. LOL

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