QotD from Darryl Ayo

Darryl Ayo 01

Darryl Ayo 02

Darryl Ayo 03

Found at Next Years Girl

4 responses

  1. Reblogged this on There Are So Many Things Wrong With This and commented:
    Good for him.

  2. No, we can’t just listen to women! We’re too busy talking over women in the first place to listen to them! Get your priorities straight, Darry.

  3. Would I be correct in guessing that this idea of men in general hating women is about the same thing as the patriarchy?

  4. There is more to patriarchy than men hating women. If men hated us, but had no power to act out that hate, it wouldn’t matter whether they hated us or not.

    Also, being in a position of having-power-over breeds contempt, which one can see in any hierarchical institution.

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