What questions were they asking?

Whenever I hear someone say ‘sex workers want xyz’ I always wonder under what circumstances the question was asked.

Ask a woman working on the street whether she would prefer to be in a brothel and she may well say yes (on the other hand, she may have worked in brothels already, and found it so abusive the streets seem safer), because she’s thinking about how she’s going to get through the next 24 hours.

Ask the same woman if she would like long term help with drug-addiction, homelessness, lack of education/work skills, physical and mental health issues, she may well say yes to that as well.

Sex industry advocates/researchers/etc often have nothing more to offer than free cups of coffee, clean needles, condoms, lubricant, and harm reduction ‘advice’ on the best way to be penetrated when you are already in pain from being penetrated multiple times already.

If the people asking the question aren’t actually offering you any real alternatives, when the tacit statement underlying the question is ‘given that you are going to be in prostitution for the rest of your life’ what else are you going to say?

Also, given the victim-hating hostility that comes from many sex industry advocates, and even academics – calling victims liars, trying to intimidate and discredit them – what woman would speak up about it if she did feel like a victim?

(From a comment I left in yesterday’s thread here)


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