QotD: “no one expects men to rent their bodies to strangers in order to ‘own their sexuality'”

Prostitution is illegal because it has the potential to give women ownership of their sexuality and there’s no way that can be allowed.

The original post is so fucking stupid I’m sitting here dumbfounded at how stupid it is. Like if you so much as bothered to figure out what groups of women are in the sex industry or how often punters rape and abuse prostituted women, you wouldn’t think to post something so stupid as if it were a thought worth being shared. The OP also mentioned women specifically, suggesting that they are aware that prostitution is very much gendered, but they didn’t think it worthy to note that no one expects men to rent their bodies to strangers in order to “own their sexuality.”

The real reason prostitution is illegal is that men blame and punish women for men’s violence against them. That’s why you can be a child sex trafficking victim charged with “sexual misconduct” while the hundreds or thousands of men who raped and abused you got away scot free.

From Dragonsupremacy


4 responses

  1. Yea, because prostitution is so cutting edge and gender-bending that- no, wait…

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. The sex industry is a legal way to own, rape and murder women. To tell me anything different when I was a prostituted woman is to lie to my face.

  3. Thanks for the comments both of you, and House Mouse Queen, it’s nice to be introduced to another feminist blog!

  4. The title is… unfortunate, but we always need more blogs against MRAs. Will definitely be following.

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