Rebecca Mott on BBC Radio 4 Four Thought

Very powerful 15 minute monologue from Rebecca Mott on her experience of prostitution.

Rebecca Mott says we should come to see prostitution exactly as we now see slavery – as an abuse of human rights – and therefore only total abolition is acceptable.

Four Thought is a series of thought-provoking talks in which speakers air their thinking, in front of a live audience, on the trends, ideas, interests and passions that affect culture and society.

2 responses

  1. I agree with this lady on her stance on abolition but as the law proposed it is.too.unambiguous and be. Exploited the.Nordic.model recently had.a backlash. On parlamentarios where.a.200 strong sex workers(I use.the.word as on the article) complained of having their freedom restricted and now face.more danger as back apartment. Deals is They described.themselves as independent and just wanting to make.a.quick buck.
    Not coerced or forces no pimp or agencies. Yet in a country like.Norway they can’t not pull the “that’s the only option” I lived a toilet cleaner I was leaving well more than.well… So I know. The.main deal is to attack human trafficking but there.should be a clear distinction they are just not the.same..

    More.people. Way more people would take.radfem more.seriously if they.define.and.fine tuned the.ideology and.purposes….

    Sorry I’m.writing from my phone and English is my 3 language…
    I would like to contribute more to this blog sincwe I got my residence and.currently working for women’s service

  2. Hello Andre,

    Your English is fine, it’s the random full-stops that are giving me a headache, but I get what you are trying to put across!

    I have always said that the sex industry is a pyramid with a very broad base, and we usually only get to hear from those at the top of the pyramid.

    As Germany clearly shows, legalising prostitution causes the industry to explode and trafficking to increase, without there being any real improvements for the majority of women in the sex industry (the ‘sex worker rights’ group in Germany defends flat rate brothels).

    The only real benefit of decriminalisation is that it gets the police of women’s backs, but an abolitionist approach does that as well.

    If New Zealand doesn’t seem to have as big a trafficking problem as Germany, that’s because New Zealand is geographically isolated, and it does not have open boarders with any other countries.

    If the UK were to go the decriminalisation route, we would have the same problems as Germany, we are in the same geographical location, and we are (still, for the moment) part of the EU, with open borders with many other, poorer, European countries.

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