QotD: ‘Male violence against women is best enjoyed as guilt free as possible’

I am just not going to mollify anyone getting indignant about me outright stating that men are avid fans of male violence against women for entertainment. Men have no problem identifying with and rooting for misogynistic, abusive, rapist male characters, whether or not they are explicitly vilified in the narrative. Men love Game of Thrones and Vikings, they love getting their share of raped/abused/murdered women in crime dramas and trashy video games and pornography, because they’re “grim” and “realistic/based on a certain time period” and “reflect human nature” and “give men what they really want” and so on and so forth.

But when narratives involving MVAW demand accountability and mete out punishment upon men who rape and abuse women (see: rape-and-revenge films), suddenly portraying men as rapists and abusers is “unfair against men” and “not all men are like that.” Men always want to have it both ways. Dudes will tell me with a straight face that they don’t like the book Men Who Hate Women (not-so-mysteriously renamed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) because it makes all men look violent and evil, and in the next breath they’ll talk about how ASOIAF (where at least 90% of the male characters are violent misogynists) is the best book series ever. MVAW is best enjoyed as guilt free as possible.

Dragon Supremacy


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  1. I somewhat agree, but it’s not all men. I hate violence against women, and I’m not a fan of those shows you mentioned. I also believe that rapists should be executed, and I’m anti-porn. I hate how women are treated and portrayed. I’d never treat my girlfriend or any other woman like a lot of guys do.

  2. This post and others seem to express a belief that a person’s fantasy life necessarily dictates their real life. (This is not to say that pornography is fantasy, of course it isn’t.)

    I don’t agree with this sentiment. People fantasize about things they would never do in real life all the time, and indeed, supressing such thoughts only leads to more of them. Those who cannot separate fantasy and reality are and should be removed from society, but those who can (the majority) are tolerated.

    We should not restrict what people experience in fiction and fantasy (except, of course, pornography). Mainline censorship issues aside, this encroaches on freedom of thought.

    For me, the main attraction of A Song of Ice and Fire (or indeed, any fiction) is not the violence [against women] or the misogyny at all; it is the character development. Indeed, controversial elements such as sex and violence only deserve to distract me from the characters and plot.

  3. 0gres, is that you? Did you make it to an internet cafe?

  4. q6b6, you comment appeared just as I posted the above comment, it is not directed at you, but at SaiyanBlade84.

    I don’t think the above quote (and my reasons for reposting it certainly weren’t) is a call for censorship. It is pointing out what the trends in TV programmes are, and men’s reactions to them, say about society.

    You may like Game of Thrones etc for noble reasons, but there are going to be many men out there who like it for the misogyny, because they are misogynists.

  5. SaiyanBlade84

    Oh, no I’m not 0gres. I’m just some dude that found this post while Google searching for some website that a friend posted a few months ago.

  6. Whatever you say dude.

  7. You know dude(s) who come here and preach that ‘it’s not all men’, do you realize how insignificant you sound to women? Do you know that coming here to tell women, who in all likelihood have been violated by a man at some point in their lives, makes you look like a pompous patronizing arsehole?

    I hope the owner of this blog forgives me my anger but I’m really tired of dudes more interested in telling women they’re ‘not like that’ instead of doing something more productive like email HBO and tell them you don’t like the male violence against women in their show.

    Likewise, you can always stop consuming media that involved male violence against women. ie. Don’t buy GTA V.

    I am a GoT fan (the BOOKS). I’ve written to HBO about the fact they ADDED MVAW into the show where the books had none. Example, in the book Khal Drogo NEVER rapes Daenerys. It’s portrayed in the book as awkward b/c he doesn’t speak her language but he’s tender to her.

    Then the MVAW scene in GoT where Jaime rapes Cersei. Totally added and they took so much heat for that that Martin himself apologised.

    IOW, don’t come here telling women those silly 6 words. Go DO something about it.

  8. @House Mouse Queen

    I don’t have HBO, and I hardly watch TV. If I do, it’s normally the weather or cartoons. And I don’t buy stuff that promotes MVAW. When it comes to TV or games that feature that stuff, I’m generally out of the loop, because I’m focused on other things, rather than entertainment. I do play games sometimes, but not ones where you beat up or kill women…

  9. Why would you go on a blog called “Anti-Porn Feminists” and put out the “not all men” argument. Wow you’re stupid.

  10. Reblogged this on Sonoran Dreamer and commented:
    I’m sick of media highlighting male violence against women.

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