“Deep Green Resistance In Support of Robert Jensen”

Deep Green Resistance condemns in the strongest possible terms the decision of Monkeywrench Books in Austin, Texas to cut ties with activist Robert Jensen. Robert has received a massive amount of criticism recently for his article “Some Basic Propositions About Sex, Gender and Patriarchy”, in which he makes public his support for women. That so many have been quick to turn on a seasoned activist for the crime of saying that females exist is not surprising; the women of DGR, like thousands of radical women throughout history, know all too well the threats, insults, denunciations, and other abuse that comes to those who question the genderist ideology and stand with women in the fight for liberation from male violence.

Deep Green Resistance would like to publicly thank Robert Jensen for his activism and offer our support in this trying time. In a world where so-called “radical” communities are blacklisting actually radical women at a breakneck pace – while pedophile rapists like Hakim Bey and misogynists like Bob Black are welcomed with open arms – Robert has been a uniquely positive exception to the Left’s legacy of woman-hating. His contributions to the discussion around radical opposition to pornography, prostitution, and other forms of violence are especially valuable. DGR would like to acknowledge Robert’s efforts as a model for male solidarity work and offer our full support. The men of DGR specifically would like to extend a thanks to Robert for his huge influence in many of their lives.

Deep Green Resistance

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  1. Go DGR! The only organized group with balls/ovaries left in the United States! They ain’t scared of nothing.

  2. Reblogged this on Screaming Banshee and commented:
    Monkeywrench Books has always been wholly committed to manarchy. Any pretense at concern for the human rights of women was coincidental.

    Bookwoman, the feminist bookstore in Austin, TX, will continue to support Mr. Jensen, I have no doubt.

  3. I have zero confidence in ‘anarchy’ as it is currently practiced – I’m sure there must be decent grass-roots things going on, particularly in the global south, but in the global north, it’s mostly just another life-style choice.

    See my last run-in with ‘anarchists’ here.

  4. Well, Anarchism “as it is practiced” is not anywhere that I know of except the Zapatista in Chiapas. All we have is models of different parts of it, like the recuperated factories in Argentina or anarchist free schools.

  5. Oh, sure, I mean, there are lots of good housing and food co-ops etc in London, but my experience of the ABF last year made me think it was all a joke.

  6. Co-ops are not necessarily Anarchist, although they’re definitely a step in the right direction.

  7. If ‘anarchist’ means ‘no king’ ie no head, how is a co-op not anarchist by definition?

  8. Anarchism as an ideology means no hierarchies.

  9. Sorry, something wrong happened. My comment was submitted before I was done.

    What I meant to say was:

    Anarchism, as a political ideology, means no hierarchies.

    Unfortunately, most Anarchists fall rather short of this basic requirement.

    (*ahem* patriarchy *ahem*)

  10. Ah yes, I see what you mean now.

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