“Some Basic Propositions About Sex, Gender and Patriarchy”

Following on from yesterday’s post re-blogging Deep Green Resistance’s support for Robert Jensen, here’s a quote from Jensen’s article which has led him to be ostracised by a book store/cafe/meeting place that claims to be ‘something radically different’.

Jensen’s piece is mild, calm and balanced, and the fact that he is being treated in this way just shows how powerful trans ideology is; any questioning, even in the most balanced and respectful terms, is now a thought crime.

I want to specifically quote the section of his article titled ‘ecology’ as, while the rest of the article is pretty 101 (this is an observation, not a criticism), I have not seen the ecological argument (which covers all ‘big medicine’, not just the ‘sex reassignment’ industry) spelt out so well before.

Many people, whether radical feminist or not, are critical of high-tech medicine’s manipulation of the body through the reckless use of hormones and chemicals (which rarely have been proved to be safe) or the destruction of healthy tissue to conform to arbitrary beauty standards (cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, nose jobs, etc.).

From this ecological approach, such medical practices are part of a deeper problem in the industrial era of our failing to understand ourselves as organisms, shaped by an evolutionary history, and part of ecosystems that impose limits on all organisms.

People are not machines, and treating the human body like a machine is inconsistent with an ecological understanding of ourselves as living beings who are part of a larger living world.

You can read my previous thought crimes here and here.

3 responses

  1. When even white men are getting in trouble for holding a position, you know you are in trouble and that the freedom to discuss gender critically is in danger. I am also worried about what effect this will have on the anti-pornography movement since so many leader figures within it have been accused of transphobia. I don’t know if this is a conscious, deliberate attempt to silence anti-pornography thought or not, but either way the effect is the same, opponents of pornography wind up being censored.

  2. The power of trans dogma is frightening; if a bunch of cartoon super-villains had got together to design a super weapon to scupper feminism, they couldn’t have come up with anything better than this;

    Complete censorship in the mainstream liberal/left press.

    An accusation of ‘TERF’ being enough to get you ‘no platformed’ in any area (see Next Years Girl being recently deleted from a cooking tumblr blog.

    A sexual minority (ie lesbians) being routinely harassed as bigots and fetishists, and this harassment being seen as ‘progressive’.

    Perhaps this mainstreaming will lead to a back-lash? Once gay men are being harassed at the same rate as lesbians, something might happen, but only because it’s being done to men and men matter.

    Also, in a decade or less, there will be all these ‘transitioned’ children coming back to sue the ‘gender experts’ who chemically sterilised them; once the money isn’t so good, the Big Pharma backing might dry up.

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