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QotD, rape statistics

Not only do large percentages of women report being sexually assaulted, but large percentages of men report committing sexual assaults. In one recent survey (Knight, 2003), 38% of blue-collar men and 15% of male college students admitted having sex with a woman whom they knew did not want to have sex. In another study (Hall, Teten, & Sue, 2003), 38% of European American men and 33% of Asian American men acknowledged sexual coercion of women. In yet another study (Koss, 1998), 25% of men acknowledged sexual aggression, with 4.4% admitting rape. Similarly, in three surveys of U.S. Navy recruits, between 10% and 12% reported committing rape before joining the military (Merrill, 2001). In a study by Malamuth (1981), 35% of male college students indicated they might rape a woman if they could be assured of not getting caught. In circumstances of protracted warfare, rape and group rape become endemic, often as a weapon of warfare (Koss, Heise, & Russo, 1997)

Enacting masculinity: Antigay violence and group rape as participatory theater

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