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QotD: “This is global capitalism in action”

One may argue that a woman has every right to do what she wants with her own body. This is an argument that is regularly made about sex work but so often ignores the context in which women make those choices. […] This is global capitalism in action. It is a twisted version of slavery, in which the bodies of impoverished women are disposable receptacles for the privileged.

Suzanne Moore on surrogacy

“I deserved this”


I deserved this.

A woman was rude to my owner. So I got hit in the face. When one bitch doesn’t know her place, it’s every bitch’s fault, and when one bitch misbehaves, any bitch can [be] punished.

I would love to see her face when she saw the consequences of her shitty behavior. Then I’d love to slap her in the face a few times before pushing her down on the bed between his legs and shoving her face into his crotch to lick his balls and ass while I hold her down and suck his cock. Cunts like that need to be taught a lesson about where women belong and what their purpose is.

Found at For Survivors of Kink Abuse. The blogger calls herself “little feminist bitch”. The above quote shows the Orwellian levels of disconnect that ‘sex positive’ and ‘choice’ ‘feminism’ have bought some people to – the above is, apparently ‘feminist’. Where’s the ‘safe, sane and consensual’ here? Oh right, yes, it’s all a big fantasy that everyone’s agreed to, except all the times it isn’t.

Something else I’ve seen on For Survivors of Kink Abuse, the term ‘consensual misogyny’. This cognitive dissonance, this double think, must be exhausting, but then if you are rewarding yourself with an orgasm, that must make it easier I suppose (and damn the long term psychological consequences)?

Lots of women who have exited the BDSM ‘scene’ talk about brain washing, talk about how their psychological vulnerabilities (being young, being abused before) were used to manipulate them, talk about the Stockholm Syndrome and the trauma bonding. How can anything be ‘safe’ or ‘sane’ or ‘consensual’ when you’ve been brainwashed by a cult? And spare me the ‘no true Scotsman’ arguments, as if what I’ve quoted above is some kind of exception rather than the norm. When this kind of thinking pervades your entire world view, where’s the outside of it where you make the choice to consent (and it’s not like you can’t consent to something that’s harmful)?

Some women really do get off on women’s sub-human status under patriarchy, and some of them want to call this ‘feminist’ because they deny the fact that feminism is a political movement to liberate women from male dominance, and confuse it instead for selfish individualism practiced by a female human being.