Daily Archives: September 4th, 2014

QotD: “Femininity is only a joke if you don’t have to do it”

Femininity is only a joke if you don’t have to do it. Mocking women is funny if you are a man because HAHA you ladies put all this shit on your faces (some of which actually does cause cancer, natch) so that we will maybe consider you fuckable and what a bunch of SUCKERS you are! Silly women. Trying to do what we told you to do.

Oh to be a woman. Spend hours and days and years just trying desperately to be visible — to be objectifiable. And when you succeed? When you do what you’ve learned, when you spend every waking moment hating and trying to “fix” your face and body and personality? Then we’ll turn you into porn, mock you, harass you on the street, and rape you. Har.

Apparently “bravery” in today’s culture means little more than either daring to not self-objectify in the most traditional way or doing what billions of women have been doing every goddamned day of their lives, for years, for just one moment. For a laugh.

Meghan Murphy