QotD: “I don’t think you’re ready to be part of this political movement”

You make me not even want to be a feminist. Your the reason people hate feminism.

Well if my analysis is all it takes to push you away, then I don’t think you’re ready to be part of this political movement.

I’ve had a lot of this. Both online and irl. It’s a THREAT.

We are raped and murdered for being women. Feminism is the movement that aims to free us from that. So when someone says the above, recognise that THIS is what they are really saying:

“If you don’t shut the fuck up about men raping and murdering you, I am going to advocate, through passivity, more of the same. Either directly from me, or from the men who have access to you who don’t appreciate mouthy women. Toe the line or die.”

These people have never and will never give one single shit about women’s freedom or safety. The most they could ever care for is is in a perfunctory socially-acceptable way.

See: liberalism, humanism, egalitarianism.

From Pixiepienix and Evil Feminist.


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