QotD: “if that never happened irl you wouldn’t have your precious kink”

people who get off on pedo-play – they say it’s just pretend

but like

if it didn’t exist in the real world, there would be nothing for you to pretend and therefore get off on

your sexual pleasure literally depends on the existence of the real-life act of raping children

if that never happened irl you wouldn’t have your precious kink

why would you want to hop online and get mouthy about defending something like that? like, “I know children have to be raped for my kink to exist but like, um, orgasms! also don’t shame me ur so oppressive.”

how does someone go through that thought process I don’t even know

and then always carrying on about it and posting stories and pictures whist saying it stops in the bedroom, when for you it obvs doesn’t, as you feel the need to yammer on about it on public platforms

if it really was “just in the bedroom” then how come I know it even exists? because bad as it is, you can’t just leave it there, can you? you have to push it out into the shared reality of victims where they stumble across it and have to relive that shit it’s fuckin cruel


One response

  1. Gosh, even if someone is “just pretending” to rape children in the bedroom, something is seriously wrong, even before they bring it out into the world to promote it.

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