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QotD: Isn’t sex more important and socially relevant than a joke?

people who think it’s wrong to make jokes about rape or slavery or paedophilia but think it’s fun and sexy to re-enact it when no-one’s looking


isn’t sex more important and socially relevant than a joke

and isn’t what you do privately a bigger indicator of your character than what you do publicly

It is. And being able to engage in safe, consensual play often indicates a high degree of empathy and intellectual and emotional maturity. Stop shaming people’s sexuality.

hear that?

beating the shit out of each other, using rape, racism, and pedophilia as some kind of super sexy funtimes game means you are empathetic towards the people who suffer under these acts of violence!

comedians who tell rape jokes are deffo just being empathetic too! right?

you’re being intellectual and mature when you use other people’s suffering for your own sexual pleasure!

yeah, I AM shaming you for your sexuality, because it’s built on the exploitation of women, POC and minors, and that is something you SHOULD be ashamed of.

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