Daily Archives: September 16th, 2014

QotD: ‘positive publicity’

Remember when Tumblr reblogged that Playboy ~anti-catcalling~ chart being like, “Even Playboy thinks you suck!” No, no they don’t. After years and years of building an empire off exploiting women and selling it as empowerment while running pro-rape cartoons in their magazines, they do not actually care that men stop sexually abusing women. It’s true. What they actually want is exactly what you credulous buttbrains gave them, and that’s positive publicity. So they look like the good guys again. “We may get a bad rap, but we have standards!” No.

It’s just a good idea in general that whenever you want to start a sentence with “Even this *insert horrible piece of shit entity from the very depths of hell* thinks this is wrong!” you should maybe reconsider. Like, no, Putin is not heckling America because it’s racist. He’s deflecting attention from his own human rights abuses while calling you amateurs for not terrorizing and disappearing journalists effectively.

From Bride-of-bucky