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QotD: “As bizarre and unlikely as Fox’s public campaigns may seem to the average citizen outside of the LGBT, this sort of over the top anti-gay, anti-lesbian, anti-female “Men’s Rights” campaigning is an activity that is well within the mainstream of transgender activism”


On Saturday September 13, in a “cage” in the Springfield, Illinois Convention Center, a crowd gathered to watch something that happens thousands of times a day worldwide: a man battered a woman.

Fallon Fox, a 38-year-old ex-military man and father, caused what many are calling career-ending injuries to his female mixed martial arts opponent, Tamikka Brents. In less than three minutes, Fox inflicted an orbital bone fracture, a concussion, and soft tissue injuries to Brents’ head so extensive that they required 8 surgical staples to close. This level of brutality, this male on female violence, is unlike anything previously seen in Women’s MMA.

In addition to the horrific level of bodily injury inflicted by a male onto a female competitor, the atmosphere surrounding this event was notable for the bizzare sexism and anti-lesbian public sentiment expressed by Fox and his fellow transgender community members leading up to and following Brents’ injuries.

Some mainstream observers outside the “LGBT” are mystified by the level of cruelty and bloodlust displayed by Fox’s transgender male supporters against female MMA fighter Tamikka Brents, an out and proud lesbian. Those not savvy in the social and political dynamics of the LGBT community may not be aware of the fact that, in some ways, the public battery of Tamikka and the bloodlust exhibited by the transgender community is emblematic of the ongoing violence and hostility of heterosexual male “transwomen” towards lesbians in general. The public at large may be unaware of the fact that Fallon Fox devotes his ample free time to the posting of anti-gay screeds online which center on the “unfairness” of lesbian women declining relations with males like himself who are transgender. Those unexposed to transgender politics may be shocked to learn that Fallon Fox publicly promotes the creation of an online “registry” of women, modeled on one operated by the “Men’s Rights” group affiliated with Elliot Rodger, that would list the names of every lesbian, feminist, and woman who recognizes that biological sex exists (!) so that men like Fallon Fox can target them for god knows what.

As bizarre and unlikely as Fox’s public campaigns may seem to the average citizen outside of the LGBT, this sort of over the top anti-gay, anti-lesbian, anti-female “Men’s Rights” campaigning is an activity that is well within the mainstream of transgender activism. For example: The largest organized protest by far in the entire history of the transgender rights movement was not against the political foes of transgender rights, but instead centered on a single private lesbian gathering that is for females only (Michigan Women’s Music Festival). Everyone within the LGBT knows: there is nothing heterosexual male “lesbians” like Fallon Fox hate more than an actual female lesbian. It may seem counterintuitive to the average person’s conception of “males who identify as female”, but such males actually do not like women and find the lives and existence of real females disruptive to their male gender fantasies. Lesbians receive the worst of their ire for the obvious reason: that lesbian sexuality and culture is not inclusive of males, regardless of their feelings or any cosmetic surgery procedures they may undergo. This is why males in the transgender community (those that fancy themselves “male lesbians”) were so invested in seeing Tamikka Brent battered by a fellow “male lesbian”.

This is why a heterosexual white male transgender AJ McKenna published nine successive blog posts prior to the Fox vs. Brents match calling “for blood” against black lesbian Tamikka Brents and calling her an “enemy” of men like himself. This is why he contacted her sponsors and supporters and demanded that they stop supporting the lesbian fighter. This is why he posted a video (which he removed after Tamikka was hospitalized) where he likened Tamikka to rapist Mike Tyson because McKenna felt that her failure as a gay female to accept males as potential romantic partners “rapes” their identity as male lesbians.

To those outside the LGBT this all sounds absurd and unbelievable. Actually, it sounds absurd and unbelievable to most of us. Unfortunately, this is the state of the mainstream rhetoric of the transgender movement towards lesbians and women in general.

This is why ESPN sports commenter Chris (now “Christina”) Kahrl, a heterosexual white male, publicly tweeted that Tamikka Brents “deserved” her orbital fracture, concussion and head staples at the hands of Fallon Fox: because being a black lesbian makes her a “noisy” woman and a “hater” of males.

Christina Kahrl tweet

This is why transgender websites PlanetTransgender and TransGriot celebrated the injuries inflicted on a black lesbian by a male and the “spilling of her blood”.

None of these transgender males, incidentally, claims that Tamikka Brents did or said anything “transphobic” to warrant their bloodlust. Brents invariably called Fallon Fox “she” and referred to him as a woman and did all the things the males wanted her to do. The reason cited by Planet Transgender and SoSoGay’s McKenna as to why Tamikka “deserved” to be battered is that she “failed to effectively moderate her facebook page”.

The cries from heterosexual white men to “Make a Black Lesbian Bleed” because she rejects males as potential sexual partners, and the post-battery cries of “she deserved it” were enough to turn the stomach of anyone who does not consider sexual and social obedience of women as an entitlement of males (whether transgender or not). The massive level of injuries inflicted by a man on a woman in a public spectacle also turned the stomach of many viewers.

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“More than 300 rapes reported in schools in past three years”

Sexual abuse in British classrooms is increasing fast, according to official figures that reveal a 40 per cent increase in reports of rape in schools in the past three years.

At least 2,865 sex-crime reports have been recorded by police between 2011 and 2013 – and more than half of them were committed by other children, according to data released to The Independent by police under the Freedom of Information Act.

The figures showed that more than 320 alleged rapes were reported in schools in the last three years, with the NSPCC saying that pupils’ easy access to online pornography has likely driven the surge in online child abuse.

Last year alone, there were at least 1,052 alleged sex offences reported in schools, of which 134 were reported as rape.

Statistics on rape and sex crime reports that took place in schools were released by 37 out of 46 UK police forces. Children accounted for more than 90 per cent of alleged abuse victims, but more than half of the claimed offences were also said to have been committed by children.

The Department of Education (DfE) has resisted calls to introduce mandatory reporting of abuse allegations but the Government is now facing renewed pressure to reform child safeguarding. Currently, headteachers are urged to report allegations to child-protection experts, but there is no legal penalty if they choose not to.

Among cases that have come to light in recent years, a 12-year-old girl was allegedly stripped naked and raped by pupils at a school in Hampshire. The school, however, believed she had consented and excluded her for breaking rules by having sex on its grounds, a tribunal heard. In May, the Crown Prosecution Service said no charges would be brought against the suspects because of insufficient evidence.

From the Independent, full article here