QotD: “He was just hating women because he could”

I’m reading like, all these articles on how men respond violently to women like Emma Watson because they’re afraid of feminism or they legitimately believe they’re fighting the good egalitarian fight, and that’s just so wrong. Because those men aren’t afraid, and they’re not fighting for anything. They hate women, that’s it. I’m really loathe to go down into the murky waters of the misogynist way of thinking and construct some sort of hierarchy but it does exist. Like, there’s the sad idiot who’ll call feminists illogical harpies who stand in the way of true equality; maybe he’ll even refer to them as “feminazis.” He’s terrible but he won’t go as far as threatening death or rape or actually leaking nudes. That person, I believe, actually is threatened by feminism, and actually deluded enough to think he’s doing something noble by opposing it. There’s even a slight chance he’ll have a visitation from G-d and grow out of it, if he’s young enough.

The men who leak naked pictures or threaten to, who send rape and death threats, they are not fighting for anything. Their only belief is the hatred of women. They are not deluded about this. Look, I grew up around men who said things like, “I’m glad Hermione finally got some tits.” And now Hermione is up on a forum in a sharp suit saying things that sound important (no matter how declawed and watered down they actually are in terms of what we typically consider ~acceptable~ levels of feminism) and they hate that, and they will teach her a lesson. The same way Jennifer Lawrence and Jill Scott needed to be taught a lesson without even providing a prompt. The prompt is this – you’re too rich, too unavailable, too successful, you’re a woman. Think of a witch burning, or a public stoning, or something on a more private scale – the abusive husband using beatings and rape to intimidate and humiliate. Here, the mob doesn’t have physical access to their targets, so they settle for something that’s almost even better in the lack of accountability it affords – internet death threats and the humiliation and shame that illegally obtained nude photographs are supposed to bring. She won’t be talking again.

I’m just saying, that dude who told me “you need a dick in your mouth” because he didn’t like the way I was conducting my feminist dealings was not threatened by me nor was he under the impression that he was fighting for men’s rights. He was just hating women because he could.



One response

  1. Emma Watson is a liberal feminist. She doesn’t threaten shit. Unfortunately, for these dudes any party line that deviates from total male supremacy is a threat.

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