This is one of today’s search engine terms

recorded rough sex sounds from my daughters room


7 responses

  1. Men are revolting.

  2. Oh my god. I don’t even know what to say. I’m just so disturbed.

  3. I keep a list called ‘worst search engine terms’, it takes a lot to get on that list these days.

    There are lots of hits to this blog by searchers looking for violent porn, often a variation of ‘she doesn’t like it’, ‘she can’t take it’, ‘it hurts’, ‘she says stop’ etc etc – those don’t get on the list.

    Far fewer hits for, say, ‘feminist porn’.

  4. Of course, by making this post I am only making it worse, today I had this search engine term: “amatuer girls making amatuer porn in there house whil parents …” (the end got chopped off by my stats viewer).

  5. I would like to venture that perhaps this person HEARD recorded rough sex sounds COMING from their daughter’s room and was casting about for, like, what to do with that. That’s what the phrasing suggests to me, anyhow.

  6. This is the post that gets the most hits on this blog every single day, the most clicks I get are from search engine terms for violent degrading porn.

    If a parent was worried about their daughter’s porn use, and wanted practical advice, isn’t a more realistic search engine term something like ‘my daughter is watching violent porn’, or ‘how to talk to my daughter about their porn use’?

    Wouldn’t this theoretical parent realise that their search engine term is most likely to get them porn?

    Please read up on the concept of Occam’s Razor.

  7. Also, the phrasing “rough sex sounds” is completely pornographic. Even if the searcher wasn’t smart enough to type something like ‘my daughter is watching violent porn’, would they really include a detail like “rough sex sounds”?

    Would they not know enough to know that the search engine term “recorded rough sex sounds from my daughters room” would get them porn results, but at the same time know enough to label the sounds of their putative daughter’s putative porn consumption “rough sex sounds”?

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